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一. Read and choose.(看图,找出相应的单词,把单词的编号填在图下的括号里。)(本大题共8分,每小题1分)

A. computer B. spoon C. dog D. soup E. hamburger

F. kitchen G. key

H. light

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二 .Look, read and tick.(看图,打“√” 或打“╳”)(10分)

( ) ( )

1) I have two Chinese books.

2) This is a board. ( ) ( ) ( )

3) I like sports. 4) He is thin. 5) He is a farmer.

三、Read and choose. 读一读,选句子,将序号填入。(6分)

( )1. Where's my seat?

( )2. How many books do you have?

( )3. What colour is it?

( )4. What's his name?

( )5. What would you like?

( )6. What's your mother?

四. Read and choose.(读问句选答句,把序号填在横线上)(5分)

( )1) Is she in the bedroom?

A No, they aren’t. B Yes, she is.

( )2) What’s your father?

A He’s a doctor.. B Yes, he is.

( )3) How many people are there in your family?

A. Three B They’re my parents and me.

( )4) What’s his name?

A .His name is Zhang Peng. B. He is tall and strong.

( )5) What colour is it?

A .It’s an apple. B. It’s orange.

五. Read and write (读一读,写一写)(5分)

1) I have a blue

2) He likes to eat

3) My mother is a good

4) The book is on the

2.food (食品): ________ _________ __________

3.school things (学习用品): ______ _______

4.room(房间):_______ ________


( )1.What’s your father? A. Sure, here you are.

( )2.How many books do you have? B. Yes, she is.

( )3.May I have a look? C. I have 3.

( )4.What would you like? D. He is a doctor.

( )5.Is she in the study? E. I’d like some beef.


( )1、你叔叔是做什么的?

A. What’s your uncle? B. Who’s your uncle?

( )2、你想要什么?

A. What do you like? B. What would you like?

( )3、晚饭吃什么?

A. What’s for dinner? B. What’s dinner?

( )4、我的笔记本在哪里?

A. Where is my Chinese book? B. Where is my notebook?

( )5、这位司机在书房里。

A. The driver is in the study. B. The teacher is in the kitchen.


1. your, What’s , father?


2.classroom? , in, the, What’s


3.would, like? , you, What


4.study? , Are, in, the, they


5. books, many, How, you , do, have?


八、Read. 阅读。

Hello, friends. My name is Rose. I'm nine. I am a student. I have a happy family.

Look, this is a photo of my family! The old man is my grandfather. He's seventy-three. He likes noodles. He's a farmer. My grandmother's sixty-eight. She likes fish. She's a teacher. Look at this woman. She's my mother. She's thirty-four. She's a nurse. She likes vegetables very much. And this man is my father. He's thirty-nine. He likes soup. He's a driver. Mary is my sister .She is a quiet girl. They love me. I love them(他们).

1. Read again and tick or cross. 读上面短文,打“√”或“×”判断句子正误。(5分)

(1)There are five people in my family. ( )

(2) My grandfather is a farmer. He likes noodles. ( )

(3) My mom likes beef. She's a nurse. ( )

(4) My dad is thirty-nine. He's a driver. ( )

(5) I'm Mary and my sister is Rose. ( )

2. Read and match. 读上面短文,再连线。(12分)

6. Read and tick or cross.(读短文,判断下列句子的正误,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”)10%

Hello, I’m Mike. I’m a teacher. I’m tall and strong. I like music and sports. I often read story-books.

Look, this is my family photo. I have a brother. We are good friends. He is twenty-seven. He is thin. He is a driver. He likes milk very much.

1. Mike is a doctor . ( )

2. Mike is short . ( )

3. Mike likes science and music . ( )

4. Mike’s brother likes rice very much . ( )

5. Mike’s brother is thirty . ( )

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