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牛津小学英语 6A期中测试卷

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牛津小学英语 6A期中测试卷




( )1.A.date B. day C.danger D.duty

( )2.A.12 B.12nd C. 12th D.12st

( )3.A. fourth B. fourteenth C. fortieth D.four

( )4.A. phone B. earphone C. telephone D. earphones

( )5.A. little B. litter C. lift D.rest

( )6.A. blow B. glow C. grow D. yellow

( )7.A. glass B. grass C. class D. dress

( )8.A. apple B. April C. August D. all

( )9.A. 1月12日 B. 3月14日 C. 2月13日D.3月12 日

( )10.A. present B. parent C. please D.presents

二、 根据你所听到的内容,将相应序号写在题前的括号内。(听两遍) 10’

( ) 1. A. It’s the first of October. B. It’s on the second of October. C. It’s Tuesday.

( ) 2. A. Yes,it is. B. No, there is . C. Yes , there is.

( ) 3. A. It mean ‘Keep off the grass’. B.It means ‘Keep off the grass’. C.No, there isn’t

( ) 4. A. No, I can’t. B. I’d like a pair of glasses. C Yes, please. I like it.

( ) 5. A. They are on the desk. B. They were on the desk. C. It’s on the desk.


A: What is it today?

B:Today is the of .

A:Oh,Mum’s birthday is coming soon.

B: her birthday?

A:It’s on the of July .

B:Is it ?Let’s make a birthday card for her. A:Good,but my crayon?It here . B:Look, it’s near the .


一、 选出下列划线部分发音不同的单词 8’

( ) 1.A. year B. bear C. near Dhear

( ) 2.A.was B.cage C.date D race

( ) 3.A. pick B. public C.sign Dlitter

( ) 4.A. sweater B. breakfast C. head Dmean

( ) 5.A. around B. ground C. brown D. yellow

( )6. A. question B.collect C. present D. second

( )7. A. grass B.past C.ask D.wash

( )8. A.note B.ago C.moment D.costume

二、词组互译 10’

1. 禁止停车 _________________ 2.一份生日礼物 _________________ 3. 刚才 __________________

4.三副眼镜_____________________ 5. 十月二日 ___________________ 6.一个有趣的公共标志______

7.一本令人激动的书____________ 8. 寻找他们的老师________________9.make noise _________

10. pick up the note___________11. blow out the candles____________12. in December_________


. ( )1.Don’t speak loudly . ________, please.

A. No smoking B. No parking C. Be quiet D. No littering

( )2. The students are _______ the race now.

A . looking at B. seeing C. watching D look

( )3. _______ your sister at home two days ago?

A. Was B. Were C. Are D Is

( )4.It is cold._________ your coat.

A. Wash B. Take off C. Take on D. Put on

( )5.‘No parking’_____ we shouldn’t park our car here.

A.mean B. means C.meaning D is meaning

( )6.The books are on the ground.Please________for me .

A.pick up them B.pick it up C. pick them up D.pick up it

( )7.We must stay _____the bus. A.at B.away C. away from D. here

( )8.September is the ________ month in a year.

A.nine B. nineth C.ninth D.nineteenth

( )9. Liu Tao has a new storybook. He is very ___________ .

A. exciting B. excited C. laughing D laugh

( ) 10. The photos aren’t there_______, but they were there ______.

A. a moment ago, now B. just now, a moment ago

C. now, a moment ago D. a moment ago, just now

四、 用括号内的词的适当形式填空 18’

1. A: Where ______ you just now? B: I _____ in the teachers’ office. (be)

2. Liu Tao often ______ (get) up at six . It’s six o’clock. But he _________(sleep) now.

3. My brothers _________ (like) asking ________ ( she ) some questions.

4. _____________ (not walk) on the grass . 5. What (do) this sign mean? 6. You (should) walk on the grass,you _____(should) keep off the grass.

7.Would you like _______ (have ) a rest?

8. Thursdar is the _____(five) day in a week.

9.I’m a primary school student.I’m ________,and my Dad is _______ (four)

10. It means “No ” . We shouldn’t ______(smoke).

11、The cartoon is ________.The children are very ______.(excit)

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