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新版PEP英语四年级上册 Unit 2 My Schoolbag单元检测试题

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Unit 2 My Schoolbag单元检测试题 姓名: 成绩: 一、选出划线字母发音不同的单词。 ( )1. A. like B. kite C. five D. big ( )2. A. nice B. rice C. six D. ice ( )3. A. bike B. rice C. big D. ride ( )4. A. pig B. side C. nice D. fine ( )5. A. bite B. in C. bite D. hide

二、根据图片选单词。 1. I have a book.

2. I have an book.

3. I have a book.

4. I have a book.

5. I have a .


( )1. I have _____.

A. new schoolbag B. schoolbag C. a new schoolbag

( colour is it ?

A. Where B. What C. What’s

( )3. I have ______ English book.

A. a B. an C. the

( )4. ______ in your schoolbag?

A. What’s

B. Where’s

C. What

( )5. What colour is it? _______

A. It’s black and white B. It green. C. It’s in the desk

( )6. This is an _______ book.

A. English B. math C. Chinese

( )7. My schoolbag _______ heavy.

A. am B. is C. are

( )8. I have three _______.

A. storybooks B. notebook C. English book

( )9. What’s in your desk? It’s an

A. ruler B. pen C. eraser

( )10. I have three , some in my schoolbag.

A. key, candies, toy B. keys, candies, toys C. keys, candies, toy


1. schoolbag I new a have 2. my I notebook lost .

3. it what is colour ?

4. schoolbag my heavy is 5. your what’s schoolbag in 五、选择和图片内容一致句子。

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

A. Put your maths book under your schoolbag.

B. Put your eraser near your pencil box.

C. Put your Chinese book in your desk.

D. Put your pencil box on your English book.



( ) Hi! Chen Jie. I have a new schoolbag. ( ) Wow! It’s a fat panda! ( ) Look! It’s black and white. ( ) Really? II ( 1 ) Excuse me. I lost my schoolbag. ( ) OK. What’s in it? ( ) It’s blue and white. ( ) Here it is! ( ) What colour is it? ( ) Thank you very much. (

) An English book, two toys and a notebook.

七、选词填空。 1. I have (a/an) English book. 2. I have two (notebook/notebooks). 3. My schoolbag (is/are) heavy. 4. The desks (is/are) green. 5. Thank (you/your) very much.


A: What’s your hand, Chen Jie?

B: Look! I have a new ’s and white.

A: How nice! in your schoolbag?

B: An book, a Chinese book, five and a pencil box. A: Wow! It’s really a heavy bag.

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