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6上Unit4 I have a pen pal B

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I have a pen pal

Mr. Li

live go

in Wenzhou. to work on foot.

Mr. Wu

lives goes

in Shangtang

to work by plane.


watch TV at night. teach read swim
English everyday.


watches TV in the morning. teach es English everyday. reads cartoon卡通 everyday. swims
in the bathroom.

newspapers everyday.

in the sea.

milk Juice


basketball football


drink play


drinks play s



eat swim run

. . .

eats swims runs

. .


Here is a man. He goes home at 9:00 in the evening. He takes shower at 10:00 in the evening. He watches TV at 11:00 at night. Then he goes to bed. He gets up at 9:00 and goes to work at 11:00 in the morning. He catches thieves(贼). He likes to help people.

What’s he?

He is a He wears He like ( ) He live( ) He go ( ) everyday.

She is a She wears She like( ) She live( ) She go( ) everyday.

My days
5:00 A.M
7:00 7:30 12:00 1:00 P.M. Sometimes Everyday

get up
eat breakfast play football watch TV Play football write e-mail to his son collect(收集) football

猜猜看,他/她说得是谁??? Who is he/she?
? ? ? ? ? He/She go( ) ______________. He/She like( ) _______________. He/She play( ) ________________. He/She live( ) in __________________. He/She wear( ) ______________ today.

drink read get watch wash go

drinks reads gets watches washes goes

动词第三人称单数词尾变化有三种形式。 (1)一般动词在词尾加-s,-s在清辅音后读/s/,在浊辅音或元 音后读/z/,ds读/dz/,ts读/ts/。如: help→helps/helps/,know→knows/nEuz/,get→gets/ gets/,read→reads/ri:dz/ (2)以字母s,x,ch,sh或有些以o结尾的动词加-es,-es读/iz /。如: guess→guesses/'gAsiz/,fix→fixes/'fiksiz/, teach→teaches/'ti:tFiz/,wash→washes/'wRFiz/ 注意:go→goes/gEuz/,do→does/dQz/ (3)以辅音字母+y结尾的动词,先变y为i,再加-es,-ies读/iz/。 如: carry→carries/'kAriz/,fly→flies/flaiz/ 注:在play→plays/pleiz/,say→says/sez/中,字母y前 为元音字母,第三人称单数形式直接在动词后面加-s。 (4)特殊词例外。如: be→is,have→has

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