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Unit 3 Last Weekend ?
Period I
By CathyLan

Teaching goals:
? Talking about their last weekends with past sentence patterns . ? Learning and mastering five new phrases: watched TV, cleaned the room,visited my grandparents,played football and washed clothes .

Important and difficult points :
. Talking about their own weekends and mastering the

watched TV

played football

visited my grandparents

washed clothes
cleaned the room

Who is the best ? 动词原形 wash watch 动词过去式 washed watched

visit clean

played visited cleaned

A: Amy,what did you do last weekend ?
B: I washed clothes last weekend , how about you ? A: I played football with my good friends?

Interview :

1、采访你的好朋友,分别介绍自己的上周末 活动。 2、比一比谁的周末活动最精彩。

Iterview ! What did you do last weekend ? Did you …? Name Activities Amy washed clothes

Report: Hello, my good freind Amy washed clothes last weekend ,Bob … Liu Ying … And I…

make a survey about what their friends or their parents did last weekend ?

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