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64. can make I snowman a .

65. weekend every I play piano the .

66. about how you ? 12. fall best like I . 13

67. is your when birthday?

68. I eat can ice-cream because .

69. I piano on play the sometimes weekend the .

70. I eat at evening in dinner usually 7:00 the .

71. Are doing you what ?

72. is there for a you call.

73.Do morning do when you exercises



76. 159,tall,he’s,cm.

77. like,which,do,monkey,you(?)

78 monkey,I,the,like,little.

79 than,it’s,one,taller,brown,the.

80 is,monkey,which,stronger(?)


82.did, last, you, do, week, what(?)

83.have, from, a, I, present, Mun(.)

84.art, an, festival, had, school, our(.)

85.water, on, you, farm, trees, the, did(?)

86.a, made, she, kite, Wednesday, on(.)

87.play, at, games, they, Spring, Festival(.)

88.are, many, so, presents, the, under, tree, Christmas, there (.)

89.family, Jim’s, in, were, his, house, grandpa’s(.)

90.got, have, two, I, from, presents, Mum, Dad, and (.)

91.Tom, about, telling, is, his, presents, Christmas, family’s, Lucy (.)

92.a, at, the, had, Children, party, Tom’s, house, Christmas (.)

93.the, very, the, teachers, getting, are, excited, students, and (.)

94.had, my, big, a, I, lunch, with, family (.)

95.usually, eat, we, watch, the, moon, moon, cakes, and (.)

96.at, do, do, people, usually, National, what, Day (?)

97.lots, food, delicious, they, ate, of (.)

98.last, did, you, what, do, week(?)

99.the, all, we, very, like, funny, cartoon, much (.)

100.a lot of, we, oranges, them, picked, tasted, and(.)

101.too, to, the, I, want, farm, go,

102.at, what, did, do, you, the, else, camp(?)

103.them, the, to, next, put, cupboard (.)

104.you, off, grass, means, it, should, keep, the (.)

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