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Walt Disney was born in Chicago in the United

States in 1901. When he was a boy, Walt loved to draw

pictures. He felt happy when people said his pictures

were good. When he was young, he had a lot of different jobs. In 1923, he moved to Hollywood to make cartoons. Later, his films became very popular. In 1961, Walt started a school to help young people learn about art.

Today, people still remember him and his cartoons.

Unit 1: 第一篇节选自P6—A

Xinjiang is in the west of China. It’s famous for grapes, watermelons and pears. The fruit there is very juicy and sweet. People there are friendly and hard-working. They are very good at singing and dancing.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city in Zhejiang province. It’s in the south of China. It’s famous for West Lake and silk. You can row on West Lake. You can buy silk clothes and silk scarves there. They are usually much cheaper than

other places.

Unit 1: 第二篇节选自P13—C

My mother wants to visit China this spring.

She will be coming to Beijing first. Beijing is one of the biggest cities in the world. She wants to see the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace. She wants to eat Beijing duck. My mother also wants to see Tibet. Tibet is in the west of China. My mother wants to see the Potala Palace and the

snow-capped mountains.

She really wants to see everything in China.

Unit 2: 第三篇节选自P18—A

There are seven continents in the world.

Asia is the biggest continent. It has the most land

and the largest population. Africa is the second

largest continent. It is the hottest continent in the

world. It has the largest desert. Oceania is the smallest one. It is the only continent with water all around it. Europe is next to Asia. There are many countries in Europe, such as France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

What other continents do you know?

Unit 2: 第四篇节选自P25—C

I’m Li Tong. I’m from China. I like travelling very much.

I have been to Britain before. I visited Big Ben and London Bridge. I can speak English. I want to take a trip to Australia this summer vacation. People there speak English, too. Australia is famous for kangaroos and koalas. Sydney Opera House is famous, too. I can also go to see the beaches. They are beautiful. Oceania is the only continent with ocean all around it. I will have great fun there.

Unit 3: 第五篇节选自P30—A

It’s bigger than a hippo. It’s smaller than a whale.

It’s not an insect. It’s not a reptile. It’s the

biggest mammal on land. It’s an elephant.

An elephant is often four meters tall. It can

weigh four tons. Elephants have two tusks.

They’re long and white. A tusk can be as long as a person.

There are two kinds of elephants—African elephants and Asian elephants. They are very strong, very smart and very, very big.

Unit 3: 第六篇节选自P37—C

Yesterday my friend and I went to the zoo. We

saw many kinds of animals.

I saw the largest animal in the zoo. It was a

shark in Fish World. I think it was also the

heaviest fish in the world. The most beautiful

animal in the zoo was a blue and yellow flying insect. It was a butterfly. It was as big as my hand. The tallest animal I saw was a giraffe.

I liked the trip very much. It was interesting.

Unit 5: 第七篇节选自P52—A

My name is Andy. I am a Grade 6 student. Today is November 4th. Ihad a good day today. Two good things happened.

I got an A on my English test. I felt very proud.

There was also a new girl in our class. She looked very nervous. I talked to her. She is

from Shanghai. She is also fun and friendly. We

both like basketball and music! Her name is

Jiayi. We were so happy because we became


Unit 5: 第八篇节选自P59—C

Today was a great day! It was my birthday.

My friend Sandra told me to come to her

house after school. At five o’clock, I went to

Sandra’s house. I was nervous when I went

into the house, because no one was there. I

went into the living room. The lights were off. I was scared. Then I went into the kitchen. All my friends shouted “SURPRISE!” I was excited to seeall my friends there.

I love surprise parties. I love birthdays!

Unit 6: 第九篇节选自P64—A

Helen Keller was born in the United States in 1880. When she

was one year old she was very sick. After the sickness she

couldn’t hear or see. She could not speak either. Often she was

sad. When Helen was seven years old, Anne Sullivan became

her teacher. Helen was very hard-working. When she was 18,

she went to university.

She is famous because she helped many other blind and deaf people. She is also famous because she wrote many books.

Unit 6: 第十篇节选自P68, 69—A

Thomas Edison was one of America’s most famous inventors.

Edison was born in 1847. He was born in the state of Ohio, in the

USA. There were seven children in the Edison family. Thomas

was a smart boy. He read many books and did many experiments.

Edison was most famous for creating the first light bulb. He

worked on many other inventions, too. He tried to make telephones better. He also invented a machine for showing movies. Thomas Edison made 1093 inventions in his lifetime.

Unit 7: 第十一篇节选自P76—A

I’m Li Ming. I’m 12 years old now.

I will be 52 in 40 years.I will invent a small

plane. I will go to work in this small plane. My

plane will fly as fast as a spaceship. I hope 40

years from now there will be no pollution on the

earth. I hope I will still live in Beijing. I think

Beijing will be very clean and more beautiful in

the future.

I hope all my dreams come true in 40 years.

Unit 7: 第十二篇改编自P83—C

My name is Larry. When I think about my life in the future, I think to myself: Will I be an astronaut? Will I bea detective?No, I will be President. I will be very busy, so I will just eat a food pill for breakfast,

lunch and dinner. A robot will do my housework.

When I am President,Iwill drive around in a big car,

and smile at people. There will be no wars. And there

will be more peace on earth.

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