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外研版(三起点)五年级下英语Module1—2单元测试题 3

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1.many years ago (翻译) 2.last night(翻译)

3. on a fire (翻译) 4.in the field(翻译)

5. school bus (翻译) 6.foreign language(翻译)

7.(过去式)learn is watch


8、do (过去式) ______________ 9、 is

(过去式) ________________

10、tell (过去式) ________________ 11、 wear

(过去式) ________________

12、heavy (反义词) _____________


14、 make (过去式) __________

(过去式 )_______________

15、 watch 13、woman 1

( )1、Yesterday she _____a cake .

A. make B. made C. making

( ) 2、Ten years ago ,Mr Li _____a teacher.

A. is B. was C. am

( ) 3、He____ in a small house two years ago .

A. lives B. lived C. living

( ) 4、Now ,he __ in a big house.

A. lives B. lived C. living

( ) 5、Did Lingling like it? ________________.

A. Yes, she did. B. She liked it. C. No, he


( ) 6.There weren’t ____books on the desk.

A. some B. much C. any

( ) 7.Thank you for ____ to me.

A. talk B. talking C. talked

( ) 8.She didn’t _____ enough food ten years ago.

A. has B. had C. have

( ) 9.There _____ lots of knives in the sky.

A. was B. is C. are

( ) 10.Did your grandma ______ English?

A. learn B. learned C. Learnt

( )11. Eight and two ______ ten.

A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )12. Count the numbers ______ one ______ twelve, please.

A. from; to B. between; and

C. in; and D. behind; to

( )13. Mary is______.

A. an America B. America


C. American D. a American girl ( )14. It’s ______book.

A. Jack’s and Tom B. Jack and Tom’s

C. Jack and Tom D. Jack’s and Tom’s ( )15. They often help______.

A. I B. mine C. my D. me



A. What are you doing?

B. What’s on the desk? C. Can you spell it, please?

D. How is your grandpa?

E. What day is today?

( )1. It’s Saturday. ( )2. It’s a ruler.

( )3. I’m writing. ( )4. Yes, t-e-a, tea.

( )5. He is fine.


1. are, lots of, buses, cars, there, and

2. have, she, a, didn’t, television

3. goes, by, school bus, now, to, he, school

4. was,teacher,Mr Li,a

5. in,house,a,small,lived,we


A: Can I help you?

B: ________6_________

A: Which one do you like?

B: ________7____________

A: ________8____________

B: How much is it?

A: Thirty yuan, please.

B: ________9____________

A: Thank you. __________10__________

A. I would like a new watch.


B. Here’s your change.

C. I like the blue one.

D. Here’s fifty yuan.

E. Here you are.


1. She ate an ice-cream yesterday .(改为一般疑问句) __________she__________an ice-cream yesterday?

2.He wrote a letter last night .(改为一般否定句) He __________ __________ a letter last night.

3.They went to Herbin 划线部分提问)

__________ __________they __________ to Harbin?

4.He did 对划线部分提问)

__________did he __________?

5.Are you ready for your trip?(作肯定回答) ________________________________________.


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