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六年级pep 第二单元第二课时

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Let’s talk
Liu: Excuse me, is there a cinema near here? Policeman: Yes, there is. L: Where is the cinema, please? P: It’s next to the hospital. L: Is it far from here? P: No, it’s not far. L: Thank you. P: You’re welcome.

Chen: What are you going to do after school?

Mike: I want to buy a pair of shoes..


a pair of shoes

Mike:Where is the shoe store? Chen: It’s next to the hospital.

Mike:How can I get to the hospital?

Chen: Get off at the cinema.
Then walk straight for three minutes. The hospital is on the left


Mike :Thank you. Chen: You’re welcome

This is my left hand and this is my right hand.

Post office is on the left.

Cinema is on the right.


post office



turn left

turn right

go straight

turn right


Turn right at the library.


Turn right at the hospital.

turn left


Turn left at the museum.

go straight

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