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五、找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,把序号写到前面的括号里。 ( )1、A.swim B. swimming C. swing D. run

( )2、A.season B. spring C.summer D. fall

( )3、A.morning B. noon C. sun D. evening

( )4、A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D.orange

( )5、A.kangaroo B. ant C.butterfly D.aunt

( )6、A. we are B. they are C.he is D. you are

( )7、A. pants B.bag C.duck D. sunglasses

六、Look and choose.(选择,把正确答案的序号写到前面的括号里。)10%

1、( ) Do you like sweet food?

A 、Yes , she does. B、Yes, I do. C、Yes, I am.

2、( ) Are you flying kites?

A 、Yes , she does. B、Yes, I do. C、Yes, I am.

3、( ) What ____ John doing?

A、 is B、am C、are

4、( ) Is he ________ a report?

A、 writeing B、write C、writing

5、( ) Chen Jie is catching butterflies, Amy is catching butterflies ,___.

A. too B. yes. C. not

6、( )Where are they?

A、Yes , they are. B、They are in the wood. C、They’re picking up leaves.

7、( ) It’s time _____ go to school.

A、 to B、for C、on

8、 ( ) Are you eating lunch?

A. Yes , you are. B. Yes, I can . C. No , we aren’t.

9、 ( ) We are doing experiment.

A.That’s interesting. B. OK. C. Thank you.

10、 ( ) Is she counting insects?___.

A. No,he isn’t. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn’t.


( )1.What are you doing? A. It’s running.

( )2. What’s the date? B.No,she isn’t.

( )3.Where is Zhang Peng ? C.He is in the woods.

( )4.Are they reading a book? D.He’s playing chess.

( )5.What is John doing? E. I like apple . They are sweet . ( )6.What’s your favourite fruit? F. I am talking to you.. ( )7.Is she writing a report? G .Yes,they are.

( )8.What is it doing? H. It’s May 1st.


1.playing is he chess .


2. she insects is counting .


3.is no it not


4.have today picnic a Let’s .


5.do What ants to eat like ?



1.Usually I _________(照相) on the weekend.

2. What are they____?(干什么)They are_________.(下棋)(3分)

3. The ants like eating the ___________(甜食).

4. Today is Sunday , Mike and Chen Jie are _________ (采摘树叶) in the park.

5.John and Mike are _______ (观察昆虫).

6. Look , Sarah is _____(数昆虫), and Wu Yifan is _______(做实验).

十、阅读文章选择合适的答案,将序号写到前面的括号里 10%

(In a nature park)

Policeman: Hello,little kid. Why are you crying?

Kid: I can’t find my dad and mom.

Policeman: Don’t worry. Let me help you.

Kid: Where are they? Policeman: I think they are in the woods. Kid: Are they picking up leaves? Policeman: No, they aren’t. Kid: Are they taking pictures? Policeman: No, they aren’t.

Kid: What are they doing? Policeman: Let’s go and see.

Kid: OK. Policeman: Look, they are waiting for you. Kid: Oh, yes, they are my father and mother. Thank you.

Policeman: You’re welcome.

( ) 1. The boy’s family are ____________.

A. in the zoo. B. in the nature park C. in the woods

( ) 2. What’s wrong with the boy? He is __________.

A. happy B. waiting for his parents C. crying

( ) 3. Where are the boy’s parents? They are_________.

A. in the woods B. at home C. under the tree

( ) 4. Are they picking up leaves?

A. A.No, they aren’t. B. Yes, they are. C.Sorry , I don’t know.

( ) 5. They are _____________.

A.waiting for his son B. taking pictures C.picking up leaves

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