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2012-2013学年度六年级英语第二学期期中试题 完整

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2012—2013学年度 第二学期 六年级英语 期中试题 年级: 姓名:


( )1.exp__sive A. en B. bo C. ea D. er ( )2.b__utiful A. ee B. ea C. ae D. ao ( )3.deli__ A. coiu B.cious C.cous D.clous ( )4.Superm__ket A. au B.a C.ar D.er ( )5.sun__lasses A. k B. g C. gg D. j 二、选出不同类的单词(5分)

( )1.A.the Great Wall B. The West Lake

C .the Bell Tower D. The beautiful city

( )2.A.England B. America C. Chinese D. Australia ( )3.A.supermaket B. hotel C. visitor D. shop ( )4.A.sunglasses B. sneakers C. slippers D. skirt ( )5.A.duck B. meat C. chicken D. cow 三、选择正确的词语补充句子(30分)

( )1. Can you tell me the way ____the Great Wall. A.to B.for C.on D.in

( )2.I’m going to visit the Bell Tower____ my father. A. in B. for C. with D and ( )3. What do you think ____the food there. A.to B.of C.for D.on A.on B.in C.at D.to

( )4. You’d ____make a shopping list first. A.like B.want C.must D.better ( )5. ___ I help you.

A.May B.Shall C.Can D. Did

( )6. ____do you like better , fork music or pop music? A.What B.How C.Which D.Where ( )7. ____color do you like?

A.How B.Which C.Where D.What ( )10. ____are you from?

A.What B.How C.Where D.Which 8. Please return it two weeks. A. on B. at C. at D. in 9. We haven’ t the CDs yesterday.

A. get B. make C. got D. hear.

10. Did you your trip to Xi’an?

A. enjoy B. likes C. enjoyed D. liked 11.I’m looking a dress my son.

A, at for B. on with C. for in D. for, for 12. Thank you and your parents for me.

A. have B. has C. haved D. having 13. Would you like with me? A. to go shop B. go shopping

C. going shop D. to go shopping 14. I hope you will enjoy

A. you B. your C. me D. yourself 15. Are you ready the trip.

A. to B. with C. by D. for 四、英汉互译(10分)

1、a big dinner __________ 2、you are welcome_________ 3、去购物____________ 4、一张飞机票____________ 5、nice and delicious__________ 6、名胜古迹_____________ 7、到时间了___________ 8、pop music__________ 9、照相___________ 10、多少钱____________ 五、情景搭配,从右栏选出与左栏相对应的答案。(8分)

( )1. Where are you from? A. Yes, It is. ( )2. How did you come there ? B. It’s Friday. ( )3. Is it the first time you come to Xi’an? C. France. ( )4. What day is today? D. By plane. ( )5. Would you like to go shopping with me? H. Thank you. ( ) 6.What size do you wear ? F. 40yuan.

( )7. How much is it? G. Yes, I’d love to. ( )8. I hope you will enjoy yourself here E. Small 六、选择正确的句子(10分)

( )1.你想知道天气,用英语该怎么说?

A. How was the weather there? B.It was sunny. C.It was OK. ( )2.在饭桌上,主人让菜时你饱了该怎么说?

A.No thanks ,just a little. B.No, thanks, I`m full. C.Yes please. ( )3.到时间该走了,你该怎样说?

A.You should go now. B.I think it`s time to go now. C.You`re so kind.

( )4.当你吃完饭告别,道谢该怎么说?

A.You`re welcome. B.We`re good friends. C. Thank you for your delicious food.

( )5.服务员问你喜欢什么颜色时会问?

A. What size do you like? B. What color do you wear? C. What about this one. 七、选词填空(6分)

2.The Snow White is .

3.Are you ready for the . 4.-How was the weather? -It′s

5.-What do you think of the food in kunming? -It′s

6. -How was the people there? -They are

八.按括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1、I′m a (visit)here.

2.How (be) your trip to Shangnan . 3、There are many (place)of interest.

4、I want her (have) lunch with us . 5、Mother′s Day is (come).

6.Would you like (go)swimming with me? 九.连词成句(10分)

1. Your , card , library, me, Show, please.

2. you , like , would , a Chinese, an English , one, one ,or?

3. glad I am to her have home at.

4. our hotel to welcome!

5. am, I, here, a , visitor.



Mary is America. She is visited Xi`an last summer. She thinks Xi`an is a beautiful city. The weather in Xi`an was a little hot. She visited many places

of interest, such as the Bell Tower, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Qin shi Huang′s Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. She thinks people in Xi`an are very friendly. She also likes the food there, she think it is very delicious. 1. Mary is from America.( )

2.The weather in Xi`an is always hot.( )

3.She didn`t visit any places of interest in Xi`an.( ) 4.She doesn`t think people in Xi`an are friendly.( ) 5.She thinks the food in Xi`an is very delicious.( )


Today Mum and I went to the clothes shop to buy a shirt. We went to the better life supermarket. How beautiful the clothes are! How happy we were! At last, Mum bought a nice skirt for me, the size is small, the color is green. The skirt is very cheap, it 55yuan. How beautiful the skirt is! I love it very much.

1. Mum and I were not happy today. ( ) 2.The color of the skirt is yellow. ( ) 3.The skirt is not expensive. ( )

4.I bought the skirt in the glasses shop. ( ) 5. I don’t like the shirt. ( )

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