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PEP小学六年级英语下册Recycle1 read and say说课稿

徐李小学 刘俊玲

各位老师,大家好,今天我要说课的内容是PEP小学六年级英语下册Recycle1 read and say。我将从以下几个方面来分析:



今天我所执教的这节课是PEP小学英语六年级下册Recycle 1 Let’s take a trip A 第一课时 read and say.这是小学阶段一节复习课,我把它作为一堂集听、说、读、写多种技能训练于一身的综合复习课,通过运用本单元重点功能句,对小学阶段的重点短语作了一次整合,让学生在相对真实的语言情境中展开对话,巩固新知。


1. 能够读懂Read and say的小短文,并能在具体情景中运用

2. 能熟练掌握并能运用be going to句型询问并回答他人和自己旅


3. 通过对本课的学习,要求学生了解昆明的一些信息,以及Stone

Forest和folk dances的了解。

4. 通过本课学习,培养学生爱祖国,爱家乡,爱学校以及爱生活



本课时的重难点是让学生将第四单元的中心语言与be going to句型融为一体,在具体情景中能自然运用。 二、说教法、学法





T: Today we are going to learn a new lesson “take a trip!” (学生跟读本课课题) I’m very happy to discuss this topic ,because take a trip is my

dream, class, do you like travelling ? (生答) ,I like taking a trip ,too this class we are going to take a trip !first ,Let’s do some oral—English. a. What’s the weather like today ?

b. What day is it today ?

c. What did you do yesterday ?

d. What are you going to do after school ?

……. 学生根据教师的话题聊一聊自己平时的生活。

T: just now you say so many about yourself, and today we are going to learn this English class in the computer room ,I’m very happy ?(问 两名

学生) how do you feel ?(问所有的学生) how do you feel ?(学生回答) I’m glad to hear that ,I’m very happy too ,OK, class , you are very happy and we are all happy ,too,so let’s sing a happy song :if you are happy.(媒体播放)if you are happy(学生跟唱)

Step 2.复习(Review)

T: OK ,after the beautiful song ,are you happy? please let your happiness go on .Summer holiday is coming, It’s the good season for trip


Step 3. 新课呈现(Presentation)


由Guess 环节引入,I am going to take a trip. It’s usually warm and sunny.

It’s known as “ Spring City”. Where am I going ?引出Mike is going to visit Kunming.简介昆明


① listen and answer

Where is Mike going on his holiday?

② Listen again and answer:

.Who is Mike going with?

.What is he going to do in Kunming?

③ Ask the students to read the dialogue on page 50,and fill in Mike’s trip schedule on P51

④ 简介 folk dances和 stones

⑤ 跟读短文 让学生跟着录音模仿短文的语音和语调

⑥ Ask the students to read the dialogue in pairs

Step 4 practice

① Retell the passage

Mike is going to visit ________ ___________.

He’s going there with his ____, his ____ and his _____ _______. They’re going by ______.

Mike is going to ______________ and _____


They will have a good time in _________.

② Talk about your holiday plans with your partners

I’m___. I am a student. I’We are going there___. In___we are going to___.And we are going to___. It must be fun. I can’t wait.

Step 5 Homework:


2.复习Unit 1-Unit 2的四会单词,准备听写。

3.预习Recycle 1的第54页-第56页。




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