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English weekend homework for Grade six

(Nov.19----Nov.21st,2011) By Miss Zou


D. I’m going to buy a comic book in the bookstore. E. It’s near the school. F. He goes to England by plane. G. I like watching TV. Name: Class:长签名:


1. 每天用所学的英语进行口语练习。 2. 背诵第六单元的课文及听写单词。

3. 认真完成本次练习卷,长亦可签名。

一、 从B栏中找出A栏的答句,将其序号填入题前括号内。


( )1.What does he like?

( )2.Does she go to work by bus? ( )3.What is your hobby? ( )4.Does Jim live in Shanghai? ( )5.Do you like listening to music? ( )6.What are you going to do this afternoon? ( )7.How does your father go to England? ( )8.Where’s your home?

( )9.Is your mother an English teacher?

( )10.Are you going to the Great Wall next week? B A. Yes, she does.

B. No, she isn’t. She is a math teacher. C. He likes swimming.

H. Yes, we are. I. Yes, I do. J. No, he doesn’t.


1. a. Sunday, stamp, There, show, is, on.

______________________________________________. 2. together, Let, go, us.

______________________________________________. 3.go, he, us, Can, with

______________________________________________? 4. have, pen, I, new, to, happy, am, a, pal ____________________________________________________. 5. things, don’t, We, the, same, like



1. Alice and her sister are ___________ 2. They look the______________.

3. Her sister Ann watches______________ on TV. 4. She___________ plays at the park on Saturday. 5. She likes playing____________ on the playground.


( )1.Sarah:Where does the rain come from?

Lucy: _______________.

A. It comes from the clouds. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it isn’t.

( )2.John: How can the water become vapour?

Teacher: _____________ . A. I’m going to the sky.

B. I’m going to the park tomorrow.

C. The sun shines and the water become vapour.

( )3.Amy: What are you going to do this afternoon?

Sam: ________________.

A. You can see the sprout. B. Then put the plant in the soil. C. I’m going to plant flower seeds in our garden.

( )4.Tom:Is your aunt an accountant? Jim: _______________.

A. Yes, he is. B. Yes, she is. C. No, he isn’t.

( )5.Amy:Does he go to school on foot? Jim: __________________.

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he does. C. Yes, he does.

( )6. Where is the library, please? _______________________.

A. It’s next to the cinema. B. It’s near. C. I want to read books this morning.

五、改错, 在错误的词下面划线,并更正在后面的横线上。 1.Where does the cloud comes from? __________________ 2.I can sees the sprout. ___________________

3.what should you do then? ___________________ 4.How does she goes to work? ____________________ 5.She goes to work by Car. ____________________


1.Where(do,does)the rain come from?

2.The sun(shine,shines)and the water(become,becomes)vapour. 3. Can you help me (go up, goes up) to the sky again? 4. First, we (has, have)the seed. 5. Wait for the flower (grow, to grow)

七、阅读理解.判断正误,对的“T”,错的“F”。 Sue: What are you going to do this weekend? Ben: I am going to plant a tree in my garden. Sue: A tree?

Ben: Yes, just a small one. Sue: How do you do that?

Ben: First, dig the soil, then put the plant in the soil. Sue: That’s all?

Ben: Then you have to water it and wait for it to grow. Sue: That sounds interesting!

Ben: Come to my house this Saturday afternoon, we’ll do it together. Sue: That’s great.

1.( )Sue want to plant a tree in this garden this weekend. 2.( )Ben is going to plant the tree. 3.( )Sue knows how to plant a tree.

4.( )Ben digs the soil and puts the plant in the soil at first. 5.( )Sue is going to plant trees with Ben on Saturday afternoon.

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