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English weekend homework for Grade six

(Oct.22nd,2011---Oct.24th,2011) Name: Class:


1. 每天用所学的英语进行口语练习。

2. 。



( )1. A. Dictionary B. ship C. car D. plane ( ) 2. A. Monday B. Sunday C. morning D. Tuesday ( ) 3. A. where B. what C. how D. tree ( ) 4. A. magazine B. lunch C. breakfast D. dinner ( ) 5. A. diving B. riding C. eating D. sleep

二、 填入相应的动词完成下列短语。

1. 2. 3. the No.7 bus 4. 5. shopping 6. TV 7. 8. kites 9. 10.

三、 以动词---ing形式填空。

1. ride 2. dive 3. draw 5. read 6. make 8. fly 动词的第三人称单数 ( --s\ --es )

1. watch 2. go 3. teach 4. do 5. buy 6. play 7.write 8. read


1. -----Are you going to use any books?

A. I’m going to buy a magazine about plants.

B. I’m going to the shoe store. C. Yes, I am. 2. -----Where are you going this afternoon?

A. I’m going to buy some newspaper B. I’m going to the zoo. C. Can I help you?

3. Walk south three minutes. It’the museum. A. for, for B. of, of C. for, of

TV. A. reads; watches B. reads; is watching C. read; watch 5. ----What’s your ----I like taking a trip.

A. name B. job C. hobby

6. A. Swimming B. Swim C. Swims A. fun B. be fun C. is fun 8. She likes A. watching TV B. swimming C. playing chess 9. We are in the _______school, but the _________classes.

A. same; same B. same; different C. different; same 10. Sarah and I ______ to school by bike.

A. go B. goes C. going 11. He likes________.

A. dive B. diving C. dives



A: _________ are you going this morning? B: I’m going to the supermarket.

A: _________ are you going to buy in the supermarket?

B: I’m going to buy some apples and pears. A: ________are you going there? B: At eight o’clock.

A: ________ are you going there? B: By bike.

2. A: What is your __________? B: I like reading science book. A: What do you like to do? B: I like _______ a bike. A: Do you like making________? B: Yes, I_____.

A: So do I. Let make it together this afternoon. B: OK.


Uncle Wang works in a bookstore in the middle of the city. It is not far from his home. So Uncle Want never goes to work by bus. He usually goes there by bike, sometimes on foot. It takes (花费) him twenty minutes to get there by bike and forty minutes on foot. Today his bike is broken (坏了). He has to walk there again. He will have lunch in the bookstore. He’ll be home at five o’clock. ( ) 1. What does Uncle Wang do?

A. He sells books. B. He works in a hospital C. He makes shoes

( ) 2. Why does he never goes to work by bus? Because________. A. there is no bus. B. he likes riding a bike C. his bookstore is not far from his home

( ) 3. How long dies it take him to walk to his bookstore?

A. Twenty minutes B. Forty minutes C. Ten minutes ( ) 4. He will get back home at ________ today.

A. 4:45 B. 5:00 C. 4:55

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