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English weekend homework for Grade six (Dec.17th----Dec.19th ,2011) By Miss Zou

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1. 每天用所学的英语进行口语练习。 2. 背诵 单元的课文及听写单词。

3. 认真完成本次练习卷,签名。


( )1._______ do you go to school?

A. How B. What C. How’s ( )2. ________ many ways to go somewhere.

A. Have B. There is C. There are ( )3. I often go to work ______ car.

A. on B. by C. in ( )4. Do you see _____ ships in the sea?

A. some B. any C. a ( )5.I usually get up _____ 7:00 in the morning.

A. in B. on C. at ( )6. How many ______ are there at the bus stop?

A. bus B. buses C. bus’s ( )7.________ the school? It’s near the park.

A. Where’s B. What’s C. How’s ( )8. Why do you go home on foot? ________.

A. It’s near. B. It’s so far. C. I can walk. ( ) 9. How do you go ___________ there?

A. to B. /(不填) C. over ( ) 10. Please tell ______ the way to the park.

A. she’s B. her C. hers ( )11. The traffic lights are _______ in every country.

A. same B. the same C. a same ( ) 12.In China,drivers drive on the ___ side of the road.

A. left B. right C. middle

( )13. _______ light means”Wait”.

A. Green B. Red C. Yellow ( ) 14._______ at a green light.

A. Go B. Wait C. Stop ( )15. My home is on __________ floor.

A. five B. the fifth C. fiveth ( )16. Mr Black is _____ old man.

A. a B. an C. the ( )17.How do they________ ?

A. get to home B. get home C. getting home ( )18. Please walk ____ the left side ____ the road. A. in; of B. on; on C. on; of ( )19. There are ______ days in a week.

A. five B. two C. seven ( )20. The students are _____ in the river.

A. swim B. swimming C. swiming ( )21. _____ can we go to the park? By car.

A. Where B. Which C. How ( )22.She’s going to ____________ the Great Wall.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting ( )23.__________ are you going ? On foot.

A. How B. When C. Where ( )24.________ are you going? I’m going to the park. A. When B. Where C. What

( )25.This afternoon . I’m going to a _______ and buy a cat. A. pet shop B. shoe shop C. a park ( )26.Its’ 2:00. The boys _______ on the playground. A. run B. running C. are running ( )27.Tomorrow Mary will be __________.

A. ninth B. nine C. the ninth ( )28.What __________ they ________ next week.

A. do; do B. are; doing C. are; going to do ( )29.Are you going to the park with _______? A. I B. he C. me

( )30.I’m going to buy some magazines ________cars. A. for B. with C. about ( )31.It’s going to __________ tomorrow.

A. rainy B. rain C. raining ( )31.________ your father busy now?

A. Does B. Is C. Are ( )32.He’s going to have art class_____ this morning. A. /(不填) B. on C. in ( )33.Amy wants ______ a doctor one day.

A. to be B. to C. be ( )34._____ you ______ a trip this weekend?

A. Do; take B. Are; taking C. Are; going to take ( )35.Chen Jie __________ going to fly kites with you tomorrow,

because she’s ill.

A. is B. isn’t C doesn’t ( )36.Can you tell me __________ to swim?

A. what B. how C. who ( )37.Are there any _______shops near your school?

A. plant B. plants C. planting ( )38.Here’s a book ________ pets.

A. about B. from C. to ( )39.I want to ____ a music teacher when I grow up. A. do B. be C. make ( )40.Are you going to use __________ books?

A. any B. some C. a ( )41.Many clothes ________ in the closet.

A. is B. are C. can ( )42.There’s a bridge __________the river.

A. in B. on C. over ( )43.What __________ the cinema like? It’s big.

A. is B. does C. do ( )44.His home is ________ to the bus stop.

A. next B. far C. beside ( )45.Would you like ________some noodles?

A. eat B. to eat C. to eating ( )46.Let ________ go there by bus.

A. she B. her C. his ( )47.Sarah:Where does the rain come from?

Lucy: _______________.

A. It comes from the clouds. B. Yes, it is. C. No, it isn’t.

( )48.John: How can the water become vapour?

Teacher: _____________ . A. I’m going to the sky.

B. I’m going to the park tomorrow.

C. The sun shines and the water become vapour.

( )49.Amy: What are you going to do this afternoon?

Sam: ________________.

A. You can see the sprout. B. Then put the plant in the soil. C. I’m going to plant flower seeds in our garden.

( )50. The Post Office is east the cinema.

A. for B. of C. at

二、根据所给的中文情景提示,选择正确答案。 ( )1. 你想问别人的家在哪里,你可以这样问:

A. Where’s your home? B. Is your home near? C. It’s near the post office.

( )2. 想知道别人以什么方式去上学的,你可以这样问;

A. When do you go to school? B. Do you go to school by bus? C. How do you go to school?

( )3. 你想邀请别人一起去儿童活动中心,你应说;

A. Great! B. Let’s go to the Children’s Center. C. When are you going to the Children’s Center?

( )4. 你想问朋友住在哪一层,你应说:

A. Where is your home? B. Do you live (居住)on the third floor? C. Which floor do you live(居住) on?

( )5. 你约朋友今天晚上见面,你应说:

A. See you this evening. B. Good bye. C. Good night.

( )6. 你想问澳大利亚里这里远不远,你应说:

A. Where’s Australia? B. Is Australia far from here? C. How can I get to Australia?

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