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牛津小学英语4AUnit7 At a snack bar教案

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Unit7 At a snack bar

Ⅰ. Contents:

Part A and C.

What would you like? …, pease. How about you? …, please.

Something to drink?

Anything else?

How much are they? … yuan,please. Ⅱ. Teaching aids:

课件,pictures , cards, tape and recorder Ⅲ. Teaching procedure:

Step 1. Warm up

1. Listen and say a rhyme: At a snack bar

2. Free talk

How old are you?

What’s your father’s/mother’s/ job? He/She’s a …

What’s the weather like today? It’s … .

Do you like it? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

Do you like noodles/…? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t. Are you hungry now? Yes, I am./No, I’m not. Step2. New teaching

1. T: I have a snack bar, Miss Jin’s snack bar. What do you like? I like…

引出What would you like ? I’d like…

T talk with students, give them food and own money,

2. Listen and say a rhyme

What would you like?

3. Exchange

The students ask, then T lead out :

Something to drink/eat?

Anything else?

How about you,…?

How much is it? 引出 How much are they? … yuan, please.

Step 3 Practice

1. Listen to the tape(Part A) and answer the questions.

1) What would Su Hai like?

2) What would Su Hai and Su Yang’s father like?

3) How much are they?

2. Listen again and fill in the blanks

1) What ________ you _________, Su Yang?

A _________, please.

2) How _______ you, Su Hai?

Some ________, please.

3) Something to _________?

________ _________, please.

Me, too.

4) Anything else?

A _______ of ________, please.

5) How much _______ _______?

____________ yuan, please.

Here ______ are.

3. 分角色朗读,齐读。

4. 排序

Ask the students hold their sentences to stand in right order.

5. Do part C in pairs

Discuss in pairs and show the dialogues .

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