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unit3练习 班级: 姓名:


1. 赛跑_________________________ 2. 寻找_________________________

3. 刚才___________________ 4. 在地上 ___________________

5. 拍照 ________________________ 6. Sports Day ___________________

7. pick them up _________________ 8. an exciting game _______________

9. a roll of film __________________ 10. a pair of glasses _____________二、用所给单词的正确形式填空。20

1. I am _________ (excite)to see my old friend again.

2. Jim is watching TV. ____________ (he) sister is _______________(do) her homework.

3. There _______________(be) a pair of _____________(glass) on the desk.

4. He tells me an _________ (excite)story every day.

5. The books ______________(be) not here, but they ____________(be) here a moment ago.

6. It _____________(be) there just now, but it isn’t there now.

7. All the students are _______________ (watch) a running race.

8. Su Hai ______________ (want) to find the films now.

9.I _________ (be)a little girl three years ago.

10.You _________ (be)my teacher at that time.


excited; just now; Sports Day; exciting; CD Walkman; were; are

1. I’d like to listen to music now. But I can’t find my _________________.

2. It’s ______________ today. The students are all in the playground now.

3. My diary was in the desk _____________.

4. The children are very _____________ to play games.

5. My camera and films ____________in the bag. But they are not there now.

6. The running race is so ______________.

7. The boys were at school a moment ago. But they _________ at home now.



Su Hai _________ ___________ for ___________ new pen now.


The ___________ phone is a __________ present __________ my mother.

3.你想问刚才李老师在哪里,你可以说:Where __________ Miss Li a ___________ ago?

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