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? 1. ? 2.

How do you communicate(交 流、沟通) with your friends?

idea 想法,主意 That’s a good idea!

Let’s Chant!


Hello Dad, Email
I can send emails now.
From, Tom

Read the dialogue and find out the sentences that mean how to send an email. ? Click on “email ” ? Click on “write” ? Write your message ? Click on “send”

Say a chant to practise how to send an email.
? Email, email,click on email. ? Write,write,click on write. ? Message,message,write your message. ? Send,send,click on send

Answer the question: 1.Who tells Tom to click on “Email”? Amy 2.Who clicks on “Write”? Tom 3.Where will the message go? The message will go to Dad’s computer! 4. How to send an email?

Read the text again and fill in the blanks. Email is a computer message .It goes from one computer to another computer. If we want to send an email .First we should click on email .Then click on write .Write your message. At last click on send .

Homework: 1.Read and repeat. 2.Send an email to your friends.

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