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平原县王打挂中心小学 ——李绪仙

Let's chant:
I want a present, I want a present.
How about a bag? How about a book? What about a bag?What about a book? I agree,that's great,that's a good idea!

He is a Chinese.


Daming's cousin

a kite a dragon kite

Listen to the CD-ROM and choose the right answer:
1 . Who is on the phone? A Daming B Amy C Mr.Smart

2 .Where is Daming going to go?

A China

B America

C Canada

3 .Daming will visit his_____. A bother B father C cousin

? I:\县优质课评选\ms08u1-1.swf

Read and circle.

What does Sam suggest?

a football

a dragon kite

a bag

a chopsticks

What does Daming think of Sam’s suggest?

What about chopsticks? Why don’t you give him a kite? How about a dragon kite?

He’s got chopsticks

That’s a good idea. I agree. Thank you.

But what kind of kite?

Let's sing a song:

What do you suggest? What about chopsticks ? Why don’t you give him a kite ? How about a dragon kite?

: I want to take a present for the pupils, what do you suggest ? :what about ? : They have got . :Why don’t you give them : That’a a good idea. What kind of :How about ?


: Yes ,

.Thank you .


The children’s day is coming,Do you want to give Wenchuan's childrens some presents?Talk in groups: "what do you suggest?"

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