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一、单词辨音(找出一个划线部分发音不同的单词) ( )1.A. thin B.that C.this

( )2. A. brush B.wash C.watch ( ) ( )4. A. eat B. weather C.bread

( )5. A. bear B.pear C.ear

( )6. A. my B. fly C.busy ( )7. A. behind B. blind C.it

( ) 二、根据句意写单词,首字母已给出:(10)

1.---What time is it? ---It’s a q_ _________to eight.

2.---What are you doing? ---I’m brushing my t_________.

3.---Is Tom g _______up now? ---Yes,he is.

4.---What is this? --- It’s a c_________,(时钟)

5.---What’s the date today?

---It’s the f ________of May.(五月一日)

6W ____________is in the middle of the week.

7.We often visit our g __________on Sunday. (奶奶)

8.---What time is it? ---It’s _______________.(7:45)

9.There are seven days in a w________.

10.Peter often goes to the school l_ __________on Monday afternoon.(图书馆)


1.It is Wednesday today. Tomorrow is ________.

2. At twelve o’clock, I eat rice and fish for my ________.

3. Teachers’ Day is on the ________of September, It’s for teachers.

4.I’m ________.Please give some bread, please.

5.My little sister_______(like)_______(drink)juice.

6.I can_______(do)a puzzle, Look. l_________(do)a puzzle now.

7.Hi,Ben,_______you_______(write) a letter to your friend?

8.It’s time for_______(bed).Can you finish_______(do)your homework?

9.There________ ( be )one duck and two chicks near the pond.

10.How many ________ (bear ) are there in the zoo?

11.What’s the weather like in summer? It is ______ (cloud).

12.She is ________ (run) on the playground.


( ).1.---What’s the date today? ---It’s _______

A.on the fifth of May B. Sunday C. the fifth of May

( ) 2. At weekend, Peter’s family sometimes _______to the Rainbow Park.

A.go B.goes C. are going.

( ) 3.—Would you like some apple juice?-_______

A. No,I don’t B. Yes, I like C. No, thank you

( ) 4.---What time is it?---_______

A.At nine o’clock. B. At night C.It’s nine o’clock.

( ) 5.We are going to have a good time ______Sunday afternoon.

A.at B.in C.on

( ) 6.Peter goes to school ________ Monday ______ Friday.

A./,to B. from, to C.on, on

( ) 7.We go home _______half past four _______the afternoon.

A. at, in B. at, In C. on, on

( )8.---Jill, are you hungry _______thirsty?---I’m hungry.

A.and B.or C.but

( )9.Tom gets up late, He runs all the way ______ _school.

A.at B.to C.in

( ) 10 .It’s time _______ lunch.

A.to have B.for have C.to having

( ) 11.It’s a quarter _______twelve in the morning.

A.past B.at C.to

( ) 12.It’s half past seven in the morning. _______, Tom!

A. Go to bed B. Have dinner C.Get up

( ) 13. It’s nine o’clock. Jim is late ______ _school.

A. to B.for C. at.

( ) 14. The clock ________at ten thirty last night.

A.stops B.is stopping C.stopped

( ) 15.The girl on the bike _______,Excuse me!’

A. say B.said C.says.

( ) 16.Here comes a bear, _________go near the bear.

A.Don’t B.Please C.Do


1.He is always busy on Tuesday and Wednesday.(改为反义句) He is ________busy on Tuesday and Wednesday. 对划线部分提问

_______ _______ _______ are there in a year?

3Tim does his homework at six on Friday.(改为一般疑问句) _______ Tim _______his homework at six on Friday?

4.It is half past five.(句意不变) It’s _______ ________.

5.What day is it today? (实际情况回答) It’s _______________.

6.I get up at six in the morning.(改一般疑问句)

_______you_______ _______ at six in the morning? _______Mr Li_______ in the garden?

8.My sister can do a puzzle.改现在进行时

My sister_______ _______a puzzle

9.It’s a quarter past four. (句意不变)

It’s_______ ________ .

10.What time is it? (用4:50回答)

It’s_______ ________ _______ .



12. Those are new books.(改为单数句)


13. There are some knives on the table.(改为否定句)

14. The desk is smooth.(改为否定句,保持意思不变)


15.Open the window.(用He做主语改为现在进行时态)


Mike is my friend. He’s thirteen. He is English. We are in the same(同一个) school. We are not in the same class. His father Mr Black is a driver. He is forty. His mother is not a driver. She is a nurse. She is forty–three. Mike has (有) a sister. Her name is Alice. She is twenty–two. She is a new teacher at our school.

( )1. Mike is thirteen.

( )2. Mike and I are in the same class.

( )3. Mr Black is a worker.

( )4. Mike’s mother is a driver.

( )5. Alice is English.


Dear Lucy,

My name is Danny. I am your pen-friend. I have a brother . I live in Beijing. The weather in Beijing is nice. In spring it is sunny,rainy,warm and wet . My brother and I can play football at the beach . In summer it is very hot and wet .But we can swim on the river. In autumn it is cool an dry . In winter,it is windy and cold . I like summer very much. Goodbye!

Your friend,


1.________is writing a letter .

2. The ________ in Beijing is nice.

3.In ________ ,it is windy and cold.

4. In summer , we can ________ on the river.

5.Danny ________ summer .

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