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( ) 1.A.dog B.bird C.rice D.elephant

( ) 2. A.zoo B.juice C.park D.school

( ) 3.A.pear B.watermelon C.apple D.ice cream

( ) 4. A.sister B.teacher C.doctor D.driver

( ) 5.A.east B.north C.south D.America

二、 根据汉语提示完成单词。 (10)

1、 M re 更多 2、th us nd 一千

3、C__n__d__加拿大 4、k__l__m__tre千米

5、r__st____rant 饭馆 6、m__ss 思

7、r____lly 真地 8、sq____re 广场

9、h__bb__爱好 10、an__th__r另一个


1.hobby(复数)___________ 2.fly(ing形式) _____________

3.these(对应词)__________ 4.man(复数) _____________

5.China(形容词) _________ 6.ride(动名词) _____________

7.women(单数) ___________8.have(第三人称单数)_________

9.let's(完全形式)___________ 10.dancing(动词原形)_________


1. There____ten students.

2. There____a boy sitting on the wall.

3. There____some water in the bottle。

4. There____a book and many pencils on the desk.

5. There____three birds in the three .


1.收集邮票_____________ 2.my hobby_____________

3.西湖_____________ 4.Chinese stamps_____________

5.八百万人口_____________ 6. play computer games_____________

7.中国商店_____________ 8.fly kites_____________

9.长城_____________ 10.go to Chinatown_____________ 六、单项选择(20分)

( )1. Qingdao is the east of China.

A、at B、in C、to

( )2.Have you got ________stamps from China?

A.some B.any C.lots of

( )3.This stamp is ________China.

A.in B.from C.of

( )4.These _________some stamps from Canada.

A.are B.is C.was

( )5.Reading English is one of my ________.

A.hobby B.hobbyes C.hobbies

( )6.Reading books _________my hobby.

A. is B.are C.am

( )7.There ______a girl and three boys in the classroom.

A.is B.are C.be

( )8.Have you got a postcard? ___________.

A.Yes, I do . B. Yes, I have C.No, you haven’t

( )9.Tell _________more about 2012 Olympic Game (2012奥运会).

A.I B.me C.my

( )10.I haven’t got _________ picture books from Japan .

A.a B.some C.any


1you collect stamps do ?

________________________________________________________ 2collecting her is dolls hobby .


3、is a there New York Chinatown in .


4、you got stamps from have any China ?


5、and these Canada stamps from are China .


八、连线。 (10)

( )1、Have you got any stamps? A.No,I don’t.

( )2、What’s your hobby? B、Yes, they are.

( ) 3、Do you like collecting dolls? C、No, there isn‘t.

( )4、Are these stamps from Canada? D、Yes, I have . ( )5、Is there an email for me? E、I like playing football.

九、用所给单词词正确形式填空。(10) 1.This is (I)cousin。

2.These pens (be)new。 3.The boy (have) got a new bike。 4.Look!My sister (make)a kite now. 5.Are you a (farm)?


根据短文内容,选出正确答案 (5)

I have a good friend . He is an America boy .His name is Jim .He is eleven .We are in No.1 Middle shool.We are in the same class . I`m behind Jim .My deskmate(同桌) is Longlong . He is a Chinese boy . He is a good student.

( )1、Jim is from_____. A、Canada B、Chinese C、 America ( )2、We are in the same _____.A、line B、class C、coutry ( )3、I`m _____Jim . A、behind B、under C、front

( )4、Longlong is a ___boy .A、English B、Chinese C、China ( )5、Jim is _____ years old.A、11 B、12 C、13


一.1C 2B 3D 4A 5D

二.1o 2o、a 3a、a、a 4i、o、e 5e au 6i、7ea 8a 9o、y 10o、


三、1、hobbies 2、flying 3、those 4、men 5、Chinese 6、riding

7、woman 8、has 9、let us 10、dande

四、1、are 2、is 3、is 4、is 5 are

五、1、collect 2、我的业余爱好 3、the West Lake 4、中国邮票

5、eight million people 6、玩电脑游戏 7、Chinese shops

8、放风筝 9、the Great Wall 10、去唐人街

六、 1B 2B 3B 4A 5C 6A 7A 8B 9B 10C

七、Do you collect stamps?

Collecting dolls is her hobby。

There is a Chinatown in New York。 Have you got any stamps from China? These stamps are from Canada and China。 八、1-D 2-E 3- A 4-B 5-C

九、1、my 2、are 3、has 4、is making 5、farmer 十、1C 2B 3A 4B 5A


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