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Let’s chant

Who is your teacher? Mrs Heart. Is she kind? Yes! And she is smart. Who is your teacher? Mr Rice. Is he strict? Yes, but he is nice.

Let’s make a sentence.
1. active 2. smart 3. funny 4. strong 5. kind 6. young 7. thin 8. short

Let’s talk

A: Who’s that young lady? B: She’s___ principal . our ________ A: Is she_____? strict B: Yes, _______ ___ she is. A: Is she active _____? No, she isn’t. quiet B: __ _________ She is______.

Let’s listen and answer.
1. What new teacher does Jim have? 2. Is the math teacher young? 3. Is the math teacher quiet? 4. What’s she like?

Read and write

Read and answer the question.

A: I have a new math teacher. Her class is so much fun. B: Really? What’s she like? A: She’s young and pretty. She’s a university student. B: Is she quiet? A: No, she isn’t. She’s very active. B: Is she strict? A: Yes, she is, but she’s very kind. active 1. Is she quiet? No, she isn’t. She is very ______. 2. Is she strict? Yes, she is, but she’s very ______. kind

Read and write

Listen and fill in the blanks

A: I have a newmath teacher. ____ Her class is so much____. fun B: Really?_____________? What’s she like A: She’s young and_____. pretty She’s a_________________. university student B: Is she quiet? A:___________. She’s very______. active No, she isn’t B: Is she ______? strict A: Yes, she is, but she’s very kind.

Let’s write
Is she quiet ?

No, she isn’t. She’s very active.



strict ?

Yes, she is, but she is very kind.

Let’s guess a boy or a girl.

A: I have a …in my mind. Guess, who is …? B: Is he/she…? A: Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t. ….
old young tall short thin quiet kind smart funny active strict

Let’s complete the sentences

A: Who’s that young lady? B: She’s our art teacher. ____ A: Is she strict? B: Yes, ___ __. she is A: __ she quiet? Is B: No,________. She is ______. she isn’t active

Put the words in order.

1. university, is, student, she, a. She is a university student. 2. so, much, is, her, class, fun. Her class is so much fun. 3. very, is, she, kind. She is very kind. 4. strict, she, is? Is she strict?

I have a new neighbour. His name is Kim. He’s 19. He’s from Canada. He’s a university student. He’s tall. He’s smart and funny. I like to play with him. We are good friends.

Answer the questions.
(1) Is Kim a big boy? ________________ Yes, he is. He’s 19. (2) How old is he? ___________________ No, he isn’t. He’s from Canada. (3) Is he from USA? _____________________________ He’s tall. He’s smart and funny. (4) What’s he like? ______________________________

Who’s this / that / the boy (1) _______________________? He’s my new neighbour. Is he smart (2) _______________________? Yes, he’s very smart. (3) _______________________? No, he’s tall. Is he short Is he funny (4) _______________________? Yes, he’s very funny.

Good to know

Please tell me what we have

learned today? se

Her class is so much fun. What’s she like? She is… and…. Is she …? No, she isn’t. She is…. Yes, she is. But she is….

1.抄写P9对话2遍,中文翻译1遍。 2.抄写第一单元单词2遍(含中文) 3. 朗读P8 P9对话3遍,试着背诵。

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