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6下Unit3 Last Weekend

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PEP8 Unit3 Last Weekend Part A Let’s read

Miss Xu

Last weekend I watched TV. What did you do ? Last weekend I climbed mountains. What did you do ? Last weekend I played football. What did you do ? Last weekend I visited grandparents. What did you do ?

A: What did you do last weekend/yesterday…? B: I watched TV/…. A: How did you feel? B: I was happy last weekend. Because I got a new computer.





She is

She was

He is

He was

Miss wang’s weekend
I was busy and happy last weekend. I visited my grandfather Saturday morning. It was my birthday. We cooked meals together. Then, we watched TV in the evening. Sunday morning, I played the piano. In the afternoon, I climbed mountains with my friends. I was so tired.

1.What did Miss Wang do last Saturday evening? 2. What did Miss Wang do last Sunday morning? 3. What did Miss Wang do last Sunday afternoon?

Wu Yifan’s busy weekend
Saturday Sunday

morning visited his
grandparents cooked noodles played football
washed clothes cleaned his room watched TV

afternoon evening

visited 1.Wu Yifan_______ his grandma Saturday morning.
2.Sunday morning, hePlayed football _________with his friends.
washed clothes cleaned his room 3.He ________and __________Sunday


My last weekend
I was busy/happy/excited…last weekend. I…

过的事情,然后由组长和组员共同进行把 它编成一篇小短文.最后由组长进行汇报, 复述你们的weekend.)

John’s last weekend
John is 13 years old. He is in Class 1, Grade 6. He usually goes hiking, sometimes he goes to a park and goes fishing. He likes to read a book in the evening. John was very busy last weekend. On Saturday morning, he played football with his friends. They played happily. Then they watched TV. In the afternoon, they climbed mountains. On Sunday morning, John went to a park with his parents. In the afternoon, they went to the zoo. In the evening, John did homework in his room. He was very happy last weekend.

1.What does John usually do ?

2.What did John do last weekend ?

? 1.复述Wu Yifan’s weekend. ? 2.仿照Let’s read部分的短文 写一篇名为My last weekend


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