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姓名_____________ 分数 _____________


( )Xiao Ming, we have a new classroom

( )Hello, Li Hong.

( )Li Hong, this is our new classmate----Peter.

( )It's near the window.

( )It's so big!

( )Where is my seat?

( )Nice to meet you, too.

( )Hello, Xiao Ming.

( )Nice to meet you.

( )Let's go and have a look.

( )Ok.

( )Wow!


_nt( ) b_ _ f( ) _oor( ) _leph_ _t( ) d_ _k( ) e_ _( ) w_ll( ) t_ _cher( ) g_ _se( ) li_ _t ( ) h_ _d( ) b_d( )


1.What’s in your classroom? -–A board, many desks and chairs.

_____________________________ ________________________________

2.We have a new picture . -- Really? Let’s go and have a look. ____________________________ ___________________________________


Window_________ light_________door_________ picture_________ floor_________

Board_________ classroom_________ classmate _________ many_________ good idea________


1、new, is, my, desk, this, _________________________________________

2、day, every, fan, we, have,__________________________________________

3、window ,the , let, clean , me,_______________________________________

4、near, door, It’s, the, ___________________________________________

5、computer, the, green, is _______________________________________


1、Where is my pen ? A .Many books.

2、Let’s clean the window. B.Oh, it’s nice.

3、What’s in the desk ? C.It’s in your desk.

4、Thank you. D.All right.

5、Look at the picture. E、You are welcome.


A Clock

This is a clock.It's on the wall of my room. May be you don't know it. Now let me tell you something about it . It has two hands.One is long, the other is short. The long hand is minute hand and there are 60 minutes in an hour. The short hand is the hour hand and there are 24 hours in a day.

What time is it now? It’s two o’clock. I must do my homework now. Goodbye!

( ) 1.The clock is on the wall of my room.

( ) 2.The long hand is the hour hand. ( ) 3.There are 60 hours in a day.

( ) 4.There are 1440 minutes in a day.( ) 5.You may know the time from the clock.


( ) 1. This _______ my classroom. A. am B. is C. are D. /

( ) 2.-- What’s ______ the classroom ?

---A board, two lights,many desks and chairs. A.on B.in C.under D.near

( ) 3 We have 6 new ______. A.light B.lights C. night D. nights

( )4._____ go and have a look. A. Let's B.Let C.let us D. let’s

( )5. Amy: Where is my seat?

Mike: ________________ A.It near the door. B.Let’s go and have a look.

C.It’s the door. D.It’s near the door.

( ) 6.Mike :_____________________

Miss White:Thank you. A.Let me clean board. B.Let's me clean the board

C.Let me clean the board D.Let clean the board.

( ) 7---- Let’s clean the window. A.Yes B. Ok. C. Sorry D.Excuseme

( ) 8.Where is the milk? ____you know? A.Do B.do C.Are D.are

( ) 9.Let ___ clean the window. A.my B.me C.I D. our

( ) 10.Where _____ the twenty desks? A.be B.am C.is D.are



1.__acket 2. __oke 3. __ouse 4. __abbit 5. __eep

6. __ock 7.s__uirrel 8. __ice 9. __amp 10. __oodles



Chinese book math book story book

notebook thirty_________ colour_________ sure_________



( )1、What’s ________ your desk? A . in B. is C . at D. do ( )2、Thank _________. A . your B. You C. me D. he ( )3、How many _____ in your bag? A. book B. / C. books D. bookes ( )4、__________ I have a look? A . Am B. May C. Are D.Is ( )5、How many pencils do you have?

I have _______(三十一).

A. forty-one B. thirty-one C. thirty one D . forty one

( )6、_____is your bag? A.How B.What C.What colour D.How colour ( )7、What in it? A.am B.is C. / D.are ( )8、I _________ 23 books. A.am B.is C.are D.have ( )9、There _____ some juice in it. A. are B . am C. be D. is ( )10、 ? ——I like purple.

A. What colour do you have? B. What colour do you like. C. What colour is it?


( )(打开门) A. Open B. Close C. Clean

( )2. Put your pencil _____ your desk.(把铅笔放到课桌上)

A. in B. under C.on

( )3. The chairs are______the desks.(椅子在桌子附近) A. in B. near C. on

( )4.Count _____ one _____ ten.(从1数到10) A.from to B.from for C.from on ( )5.The cat is ________the tree.(猫在树下)A. in B. from C. under


1. like I schoolbag new my ._________________________________

2.I may have look a ? _________________________________________

3.many have books new I .___________________________________

4. is it panda fat a .___________________________________

5. colour it what is ?_______________________________________

六、从 A栏中找出与B栏答句相对应的答语。(5分)


( )1.How are you? A. OK

( )2.How many cakes? B.Sure.Here you are.

( )3.What’s in it? C.Thirty cakes.

( )4.May I have a look? D.Fine,thank you.

( )5.Let’s go to school together. E.It’s a pen.



1.she’s(完全形式) 2.long( 反义词)

3.let’s (完全形式) 4.strong( 反义词)

5.I(宾格) 6.he (物主代词)

7.her(主格) 8.have(同义词)

9.new( 反义词) 10.you’re(完全形式)


1.音乐 2.科学 3.运动

4.绘画 5.安静的 6.教师

7.学生 8.动物园 9游戏


( ) 1.May I have a look? A. Her name is Amy.

( ) 2.Where’s my book? B. Forty.

( ) 3.What’s that? C. Sure. Here you are.

( ) 4. How are you? D. Many books.

( ) 5. What colour is it? E. I like computer game.

( ) 6. What’s her name? F. It’s on the desk.

( ) 7. What do you like? H. He’s John.

( ) 8. What’s in your bag? I. It’s red.

( ) 9.How many books do you have? J. It’s a small bee.

( ) 10. Who’s the boy? K. She’s fine.


1、he ,big , eyes ,has , and ,nose ,a ,small._____________________________________

2、spell , these , can , words , you?____________________________________________

3、put ,English ,on, head ,your ,book ,your._______________________________________

4、what’s , name , his?_______________________________________

五、写出下列的中文意思。(8分) 1.a big turnip 2. USA 3.come on 4. hooray


1.What’s your name? 2.Who’s your best friend?

3.How many books do you have? 4.What’s in your bag?

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