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My cousin doc

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My cousin

I have a cousin. She is 11 years old,only 2 months older than me. Her name is Liu Chang. She lives in Inner Mongolia. Everyone says we look like each other very much. She is a pretty girl, with two big and shining eyes. Everybody likes her very much, because she is smart and she is happy every day. She enjoys learning and stays at home, so everyone says she is a quiet girl. She loves reading and reads daily, acquires much knowledge and skills, she can be my pupil teacher.

She has many hobbies.She liks playing piano,she has learnt the piano for 6 years. When we meet each year,she always play much charming music for us.She likes singing too,also she sing songs for us,bring us a lot of happiness. She likes reading,her favorite book is “Journey to the west”,the story is interesting and she learns much from it .It makes her brave.When she encounters difficulties in her study ,she can get through it.She says she will read more books, learn more knowledge. I think she will be a good person in the future.

3. The most unforgettable thing between us.

Both of us like playing computer games. . When we get together every summer vocation in our grandma’s home ,we play together.One day, I found a new interesting game, I played happy. My cousin wanted to play

it too. He came to rob it with me. We fought for a long time, then he began to cry. At that time I thought I should give it to my little brother, because I love him very much and he is younger than me. So from them on whenever we quarrel, I always give in ,because I want my little brother to be happy every day.

4.The happiness he has brought me.

He has brought great changes to my life. Before he was born, I was the only child in my family. So everybody loved me so much. All the delicious food and toys belonged to me. After he came to the world, I found that my parents paid more attention to him. So I felt a little unhappy. But when I see his smiling faces, I forget everything. Now he can play with me, although sometimes he is a little naughty. I prefer staying with him rather than any other people, because I never feel lonely. In the future I will love him more and help him as possible as I can.

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