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BOARD MUSIC FRIEND FAN COMPUTER 二、选出一个与其它三个不属于同一类的单词,并将序号填入题前的括号里。

( )1. A. thirty B. fifty C. four D. too

( )2. A. math B. English C. book D. Chinese

( )3. A. blue B. ruler C. green D. purple

( )4. A. tall B. sporats C. strong D. quiet

( )5. A. notebook B. floor C. wall D. door


( )1. 当有人问你“她叫什么名字?”,你回答:

A. My name is Amy. B. Her name is Amy. C. His name is Amy. ( )2. 当你想告诉别人你有一个新朋友,你说:

A. I have a friend. B. I have a new classmate. C. I have a new friend. ( )3. 下午和朋友见面,你说:

A. Good morning. B. Good afternoon. C. Good evening.

( )4. 当你想让别人看这张图片时,你说:

A. Look the picture. B. Look at the picture. C. See the picture.

( )5. 你想知道朋友说的人是学生还是老师,你问:

A. Student or teacher? B. Student and teacher. C. Boy or girl?

( )6. 当你想告诉同学你有42本故事书,你说:

A. I have thirty –two picture books. B. I have forty-two story-books.

C. I have forty-two notebooks.

( )7. 当你向别人介绍“他是短头发。”你说:

A. He has short hair. B. He have short hair. C. He is short hair.

( )8. 当你想对父母说自己的朋友很文静,你说:

A. My friend is quiet. B. My friend is strong. C. My friend is tall.

( )9. 当你想对朋友说“我又高又壮”,你说:

A. I am tall and thin.. B. She is tall and strong.. C.I am tall and strong. ( )10. 当朋友对你说“How are you?”你回答:

A. Fine, thank you. B. I’m ten. C. How are you?


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1.window 2.thirteen 3 .music 4. Chinese book

5.sports 6.pencil 7.door 8.sevendesk 9.twenty-four 10.ruler

11. science 12. math 13. chair 14. fifty 15.English book

科 目:___________

数 字:___________


杂 物:___________

五、从B 栏中找出A栏相对应的答语。


( )1、How many pencils do you have? A、 His name is Mike. ( )2、Where is my seat? B、 Ten yuan.

( )3、What colour is this bag? C、 Sure.Here you are. ( ) 4、What is his name? D、 I have thirty pencils. ( )5、How much is this pen? E、 It is near the door. ( ) 6、May I have a look? F、 Lili is my best friend.

( )7、How many English books can you see? G、 It is orange.

( )8、Who is your best friend? H、 She is my sister. ( )9、What do you like? I、 I can see five. ( )10、Who is she? J、 I like music.


1.good idea 2.have a look 3. all right 4 .good job

5.Chinese book 6.长头发 7.短头发 8.太多了

9.电脑游戏 10.数学书


1.he is= 2.she is 3.who is= 4.let us = 5.you are=


A、 have B、 what C、 how D、 here you are E、 have F、 may

Amy:Hi!ChenJie,I__a new schoolbag.

ChenJie:Really?__colour is it?

Amy:It is black and white.Look!

ChenJie:Wow!It is a panda!__nice!

Amy:I__many books.

ChenJie:A fat panda!

ChenJie:__I have a look?



XueDa Education Technology(Beijing )Ltd


My name is Linda. I am from Canada. I’m eleven years old. I have a best friend. Her name is Amy. She has long black hair. She has a round face.They are two big blue eyes, a small mouth, and a big nose on it. She is very quiet. She is thin. She likes music. I like her best. Do you make friends with Amy?

1. My name is Amy. ( )

2. Linda comes from Canada. ( )

3. Amy is Linda’s best friend. ( )

4. Linda has long black hair. ( )

5. Amy is very strong. ( )


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