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新版PEP四年级上册Recycle 1 第一课时

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Recycle 1



张 欢

写相关的单词 ? Classroom:______________________ ? Schoolbag: _______________________ ? Friends: __________________________

Free talk
? Talk about your classroom. What is in your classroom? Talk about your schoolbag. What’s in your schoolbag? What colour is your schoolbag? Talk about your friend. What’s her or his name? How is he or she?



Read aloud. 听录音,回答问题
? What’s in John’s bag? ? Who’s John’s friend? ? How is John’s friend?

Read aloud and match the pictures.


Read and match

Summing up
Words: heavy, storybook, notebook, guess, friendly, clean, board, brown, student

Sentences: ? What’s in it? ? She’s friendly and she speaks English well. ? She’s tall. She has short hair and big eyes. ? What’s her name? ? Can you act it out? ? Let me clean the classroom.

? ? ? Listen to and read the “Read aloud.” and “Read aloud and match the pictures.” Act out the dialogues with your partner. Sing the song to your parents.

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