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五年级英语试卷(50分钟) 命题:罗玄木

学校_________________ 班级_______________ 姓名________________ 评



一、Listen and draw faces.(看看各图是否与录音内容相符,如相符的画




2. 3. 4. 5.

二、Listen and number.(根据录音内容给图标上正确的序号。)(10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )



( )1. A. She’s my mother. B. He’s my father. C. He’s tall. ( )2. A. It’s Monday. B. I like Mondays. C. It’s OK. ( )3. A. No, he is . B. Yes , he is . C. He’s old. ( )4. A. Cabbage. B. Blue. C. Football.

( )5. A. I like pork. B. I have potatoes. C. I’d like some potatoes.


五、Listen to the passage and choose the right answers.(根据录音内容选择正确的答


( ) 1. How old is Ma Ling?

A. 10 B. 11 C. 12

( ) 2. What’s Ma Ling’s favourite food?

A. Mutton and vegetables. B. Mutton and tofu.

C. Chicken and vegetables.

( ) 3. What’s Ma Ling’s favourite class?

A. Art and computer class. B. Math and art class . C. English and art class.

( ) 4. What does Ma Ling do on weekends?

A. Does homework. B. Reads books. C. Watches TV.

( ) 5. What’s Ma Ling’s favourite teacher like?

A. Thin and funny. B. Short and kind. C. Young and active. 六、Listen and tick or cross.(听短文,判断下列句子是否与短文内容相符,如相符


( )1. Jack’s favourite day is Tuesday.

( )2. Miss Green is Jack’s new English teacher.

( )3. Miss Green likes cabbage and tofu, because they are tasty and fresh.

( )4. Miss Green is funny and kind.

( )5. Jack has English and computer on Thursdays.

七、Listen and write down the words.(听句子,写单词。)(5分)

1.My P.E. teacher is very __________________.

2.John likes grapes. They are________________.

3._______________ is my favourite day .

4.I have mutton and rice for ___________________today.

5.I often do my _______________________on Saturdays.


一、 Finish the sentences.(选择正确的词组完成句子。)(10分)

A. potatoes B. Tuesdays C. old

D. sweet

E. plays ping-pong and reads books

1.Chen Jie often _______. 2. My grandmother is_______. 3.The apples are



4.The _________ are salty. 5. We have fish and cucumbers for lunch on__________.

二、Choose the right answers. ( 选择填空。) ( 10分 )

( )1.What would you _______for lunch ?

A. like B. has C. likes

( )2. I’d like some_________for dinner.

A. tomato B. potato C. eggplant

( )3.—A:What’s your favourite fruit ? —B:___________.

A. Apples B. Fish C. Red

( )4. The last(最后的) day of the week is _________.

A. Monday B. Wednesday C. Saturday

( )5. We eat _______ in Dragon Boat’s Day (端午节) .

A. dumplings B. zongzi C. mooncakes

( )6.—A:What do you have on Tuesdays ? —B:We have___________.

A. math and English B. fish and tofu C. read books

( )7. What do you _______ for lunch ______ Fridays ?

A. do , on B. have , on C. have , in

( )8. I _______tofu, Amy _______mutton.

A. like , like B. likes , like C. like , likes

( )9.— A: ______ your father like ? —B: He’s tall and strong.

A. Who’s B. What’s C. Where’s

( )10. —A: Is Miss White young ? —B:_________________.

A. No, she is. B. Yes, he is . C. Yes, she is . 三、Finish the passage . ( 根据提示完成短文。) ( 5分 )

Miss Su is my English teacher. She is very_______________(年轻的) and pretty. She often does sports on _______________________.Her favourite food

is _______________.Because they are __________(新鲜的) and tasty. Her

class is ________________(滑稽可笑的). We all like her.

四、Finish the sentences. ( 根据要求完成句子。) ( 5分 )

1.do , have , you , what , breakfast , for (?) (连词成句)


2.on , often , play , I , basketball , watch , and , TV , Saturdays (.) (连词成句)




A.I like potatoes. They are yummy !

B.I like potatoes. They are__________________!

4.Is she strict ? (否定回答)


5.What’s your favourite food ? (根据实际情况回答)


五、Finish the dialogue. (根据上下文意思补全对话。) (5分)

A:What day is it today ? B:__________

A:__________for lunch today ?

B:We have tofu and cabbage.____________ A:__________

B: Let’s play football together _________ .

A:Great !

六、Read the passage and choose the right answers.(阅读短文,选出下面每题中最合


Hi! I’m David.I’m from Hongxing school.Today is Tuesday.We have math , Chinese and computer in the morning. In the afternoon, we have English and music. I like English. My English teacher is Miss Li. She is very funny. We like her.

We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don’t like eggplant. It’s salty. Potatoes are my favourite. They are tasty.

Saturday is my favourite day. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, on Saturdays I do my homework too . What about you?

( )1. What day is it today ?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday

( )2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A. Pork and rice . B. Tofu and green beans .

C. Eggplant and fish . D. Mutton and tomatoes .

( )3. What is David’s English teacher like ?

A. She is tall and thin. B. She’s very funny.

C. She is so old . D. She is active.

( )4. What’s David’s favourite food ?

A. Eggplant . B. Fish . C. Potatoes . D. Tomatoes .

( )5. What does David do on Saturdays ?

A. He often plays computer games. B. He often plays football and does homework.

C. He often watches TV and plays ping-pong. D. He often sings songs. 七、Write a short passage. (小作文。) 你的一日三餐都有什么?写一写你常吃的食物







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