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姓名:________________ 班级:_____________ 得分:________________

一 配对题 (每小题2分, 共16分)

( ) 1.What day is it today? A. Five past seven

( ) 2.What are you doing there? B. It’s Monday.

( ) 3.How many lessons do you have this morning? C. I still feel ill.

( ) 4.What time is it now? D. She’s from the UK.

( ) 5.How do you feel now? E. I have four.

( ) 6.Do you speak Japanese? F. Yes, he can.

( ) 7.Where is Nancy from? G. No, I speak French.

( ) 8.Can he jump high? H. We’re playing chess.

二 选择填空 (每小题2分, 共26分)

( ) 1 She likes and flowers.

A. cook, grow B. cooking, grow C. cooking, growing

( ) 2 We are ready breakfast.

A. to B. for C. at

( ) 3 The waiter and waitress table tennis every day.

A. are playing B. play C. plays

( ) 4 We have no lessons the weekends.

A . in B. on C. at

( ) 5 Show your stamps, please.

A. me B. we C. his

( ) 6 The students are ________ follow Mr Ma’s orders.

A. trying to B. trying

—Yes, I do.

A. some B. any C. /

( )8. —What ________ 312 plus 213? —_________________525.

A. is, They’re B. are, They’re C. is, It’s

( )9. The students are ___________ follow the teacher’s orders.

A. trying to B. trying on C. try to

( )10. Gao Shan often goes ________with his friends.

A. climb B. climbs C. climbing C. try to ( ) 7 —Do you have hobbies?

( )11. —May I speak to Jim? — _______________.

A. This is Jim speaking. B. I’m Jim speaking. C. That’s Jim speaking.

( girl, she can dance ____________.

A. beautiful, beautiful B. beautiful, beautifully C. beautifully, beautifully

( )13. There_________ a glass of water and three bottles of milk on the table.

A. am B. is C. are

三、选择适当的词式填空 (每个空格2分, 共26分)

1. A: What are you (do,doing), my friends?

B: We’re (catching, catch) insects, now. Come and (join, to

join) us!

A: Great!

2. A: That boy is (talk, talks) with a visitor. Can you see?

B: Oh, the boy can (speaks, speak) English very well.

A: Yes, let’s go and have a look.

3. A: How do you spend your weekends?

B: I often (make, making) model ships. It’s interesting!

A: How does your sister spend her weekends?

B: I’m not sure. I think she often (fly, flies) her kite in the park.

A: Does she like (flies, flying) kites?

B: Of course.

4. There ________(is, are) some students on the playground.

5. We would like _________(buy, to buy) some things for the Halloween pary.

6.A:What ________ (do, does) your sister usually _______(do, does) after school?

B: She usually ________(read, reads) magazines.

四、选择正确的单词,看图完成对话 (每个空格2分, 共20分)

1. Tom: Hello, everyone. I’m Tom. I’m from

I speak

I like traveling, I ’d like to go around China.

2. A: How many lessons do you have on ?

B: .

A: What are they?

B: They’re , English, Maths and

3. A: Lie on your B: OK.

A: Can you lift up your ?

B: Yes, I can. Look!

4. A: What is Mike doing?

B: Is he catching the ?

A: No, perhaps he’s photos.

B: You’re right. The flowers near the wall are very


Tom and Fred are students. They are twelve years old, and they are in the same class.

One afternoon they have a fight(打架) in class. The teacher is very angry(生气). He says, “Stay here after the lessons this afternoon, and write your names fifty times.”

After the last lesson, all the other boys go home, but Tom and Fred stay in the classroom with their teacher. They begin writing their names. The teacher looks

at him and says, “Why are you crying, Fred?”

“Because his name is Tommy, and my name is very long. My name is Frederick Hollingsworth.” Fred says.


( ) 1. Tom and Fred are classmates(同学).

( ) 2. Fred and Tom have a fight in class, and their teacher is very happy.

( ) 3. All the boys go home after school.

( ) 4. Tom and Fred do not go home. They stay in the classroom and write

their teacher’s name.

( ) 5. Fred begins crying, because(因为) his name is too long.

( )6. The teacher is very angry.

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