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Unit 4 My holiday说课稿

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Unit 4 My holiday

(B Let's try Let's talk & Let's find out) 说课稿

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning. It's my pleasure to be here to share my teaching designs and ideas with you. Today, I want to talk about my teaching designs and ideas about Section B Period 4 of Unit 4 My holiday in Book Six.

I'm going to analyze the lesson in nine parts.

Ⅰ Teaching Theory Basic

As an English teacher we all know that the main idea of the standard of English Course is: With the of the teacher the students can make the aims of activities come true and feel successful by perception ,experience, practice and cooperation. So in the lesson, I will design some activities and let the students learn the language by communication. And let the students feel successful. At the same time, I will pay attention to arousing the students' learning interests.

Ⅱ Analysis of the Teaching Material

1 Status and Functions

?According to PEP Primary English syllabus the students need grasp “the present past tense”and use it to talk about their experience. And learning well in this lesson is very useful for the students to study further when they study Go for it!In Grade Seven.So it plays an important role

for the students.

?This lesson is close to the students' life,and the topic is about the students' trip. So it can arouse the students' interests. Of studying English and improve the students' spoken English. We all know that learning is for using,so improving the students' spoken English is very important.

In last lesson, students have already learned the present past tense.This lesson continues the last lesson.

2 Teaching Important Points

Four skills:How did you go there? I went there by train.

3 Teaching Difficult Points

Let the students use “How did you go there? I went there by train.”correctly.

Ⅲ Analysis of Students

In the last lesson,the students have already studied “the present past tense”,so in this lesson ,the students can study easily,and this lesson is about our daily life “the trip”I think the students will be interested in this lesson.

Ⅳ Teaching Aims

1 Knowledge Aims

? Four skills:How did you go there? I went there by train.

? One skill:Let the students can understand “Let's try”

2 Ability Aims

? Train the students' listening skills“Let's try”

? Train the students' writing skills“Let's find out”

? Train the students' saying and reading skills“Let's talk”

④ Train the students' ability of working in groups.

⑤ Foster the students' ability of communication.

3 Emotion Aims

? Train the students to arrange the life and their study.

?Foster the students' consciousness of good cooperation and competition.

? Arouse the students to love the nature.

④ To enable the students to enjoy the life.

Ⅴ Teaching Strategies

? Five--step Teaching Method and Situational Teaching Method: The students can make a good communication in real situations.

? TBL:Task--based teaching method ,let the students finish the tasks to help them get the information.

? Group cooperate teaching method:students are interested in different kinds of activities.The ability of cooperation will be trained well by playing games,having a match,and making a survey.

Ⅵ Learning Strategies

? Cooperation

? Communication

Ⅶ Teaching Aids

Multi--media,the tape,the cassette,some phrase cards.

Ⅷ Teaching Steps

Step1 Preparation

? Greet the students

? Play the tape for Grade6 A Unit1“Let's chant”let the students listen and chant.

Design purpose:It forms a better English learning surrounding for the students by chant and game.And it provides the situations to preview the knowledge for the next step.

? Play “Let's chant”on page41,let the students listen and chant.

Design purpose:Use the different ways to revise the knowledge and stimulate students' interest in learning.

④ Show the phrases on page43,then ask the students“What did you do on your holiday?”Let the answer according to the picture.Then let them answer freely.

bought presents rowed a boat saw elephants

went skiing went ice--skating

Design purpose:Use the learned phrases and the patterns to ask and answer,and prepare for answering the questions of the exercise on the book by the third person.

Step2 Presentation

? Show the picture of Chen Jie to the students,says to them“Do you know what Chen Jie did on her holiday?”Let's listen and find out.Play the tape for the students.

Design purpose:Give the question to the students,let the students make a good habit of thinking and listening.

? The teacher says to the students:Chen Jie went to the zoo,and saw the elephants. Look,this is Sarah,listen and answer“Where did Sarah go on her holiday?”Then play the tape for the students.Next play again,let students answer:How did Sarah go there?Play the tape for the third,ask them to answer:What did she do there?

Design purpose:Let the students pay attention to “where,how and what”. Step3 Practice

? Books open.Play the tape,let the students follow it.

? Show the pictures to the students,give a drill like this:

T:Where did you go on your holiday?

Ss:I went to Beijing.

T:How did you go there?

Ss:I went there by plane.

T:What did you do there?

Ss:I took pictures.

Then practice with other pictures.

Then let boys girls teams groups practice the conversations.

?Let the students do a pair work according to the book.At the same time,the teacher goes around the classroom,help the students when they have troubles.

④ Let the students do the role play.The teacher and the students give the assessments in time.

⑤ Let the students talk about their friends or families' holidays with her/his your mother/father/best friend etc.At the same time,show the following pictures.

Design purpose:Use different ways to train the target language.Make sure the students can grasp them.

Step4 Production

? Guessing game.The teacher divides the class into four groups.First group:write places.Second group:write time.Third group:write transportations.Four group:write activities.Then ask one student to choose one form each group.Then he act according to the papers,at the same time asks“Where did you go on your holiday?How did you go there?What did you you do there?”The winners will get the prizes.

Design purpose:Games can arouse the students' interests when they study.Let them use the language activities.

? Make a survey

Show the form like this:

on foot by bike by plane by ship by subway by train

Ask one student:“Where did you go on your holiday?”“How did you go there?”When he answers: Zhejiang By train.The teacher writes the answers in form.

Then let the students interview other students.

Then ask some students give a report like this:

Good morning,everyone!I'm a reporter form CCTV.I make a survey about some students' trip.Zhang Peng went to Zhejiang by train.John...

Teacher finds the best reporter.And give them a smile face.

Design purpose:The survey will help the students learn how to study in the groups,and in this way,the students can master the learned knowledge in situations.

Step5 Progress




2 抄写本节课的句子。

Ⅸ Blackboard Design

Design purpose:The most important sentence patterns are in the middle.And the words are beside the the sentences.I want to make my blackboard simple,direct and helpful so that the students can see and

understand the target language clearly.

In a word, the design is based on tasks.When the students are carting out the tasks,they can master the main information and the knowledge of this lesson.

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