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六上Module 1-4测试题

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Module 1-4 英语测试题


1. 思念 2. 有时

3. 真的 4. 一封电子邮件

5. 发送一封电子邮件 6. 中餐馆

7. 中国舞蹈 8. 去唐人街

9. 想要/打算干… … 10. 思念中国

11. 许多、大量的 12. 长江

13. 天安门广场 14. 骑自行车上班

15. 西湖 16. 黄山

17. 长城 18. 面馆

19. 图书馆 20. 电影院

二、用am, is, are或者there is. there are的适当形式填空。

1. This __________ an apple. Those _____ oranges.

2. Where ______ Tim and Tom? In the library.

3. There _____ ten birds in the tree.

4. How old are you? I ______ ten years old.

5. ______ _______ a picture of America.

6. How many pupils ______ ________ in the classroom?

7. ______ _______ a picture in the classroom?

Yes, _____ _______.

8. My brother ______ Peter. He ______ a pupil.


1、Do you want __________ to Chinatown?

a. to go b. go c. goes

2. There is a _______ in NewYork.

a. townchina b. Chinatown c. town of China

3. We saw Chinese ______.

a. dance b. dances c. dancing

4. what are you doing Daming?

I’m _________ an email to my friend.

a. send b. sends c. sending

5. There are __________ of Chinese shops.

a. a lot of b. lots c. lot

6. The city is about ______ away from here.

a. two hundred metres b. two hundreds metres c. two hundred metre

7. Please tell me more ________ your city.

a. of b. about c. from

8. There are ______shops in this street.

a. lot of b. a lot c. lots of

9. All of these postcards are _______Canada.

a. from b. for c. of

10. I’m _________ an email.

a. send b. sending c. sent

11. Look! There _____ an egg on the desk.

a. is b. are c. was

12. Do you miss China? ________.

a. Yes, I don’t b. Sometimes c. No, I do

13. Please tell me more ________ your school.

a. of b. about c. from

14. These postcards ______ China.

a. is from b. are from c. are to

15. There are some ________ in the bag.

a. juice b. rice c. books


1. There are lots of bicycles in China. (一般疑问句)

______ _______ lots of bicycles in China?

2. Chinatown is in NewYork. (对划线部分提问)

_______ ________ is the Chinatown?

3. The Changjiang River is about 12000 li long. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ is the Changjiang River?

4. I want to go to Chinatown. (一般疑问句)

_______ you ________ to go to Chinatown?

5. I’m sending an email to my family in China. (对划线部分提问)

6. This postcard is from China. (对划线部分提问)

7. There are lots of computers. (改为否定句)

8. 让我们现在就去唐人街吧。(翻译成英语) 五、读句子,注意动词的变化。从B组中先择适当的答案写在A组前面的括号内。

( ) 1.What did you buy? A.I saw a new film。

( ) 2.What did you eat? B.I bought a pair of shoes。

( ) 3.What did you see? C.I ate noodles。

( ) 4.What did you drink? D.I rode a horse。

( ) 5.What did you ride? E.I drew an apple。

( ) 6.What did you draw? F.I drank some water。


Amy is an American girl. She is nine years old. She wants to hear Chinese music. Yesterday she went to a concert with her parents. They love Chinese music very much。

( ) 1.Where is Amy from?

A. China B. America C. England

( ) 2.How old is she?

A. She is eight. B. She is nine. C. She is ten。

( ) 3.Where did they go yesterday?

A. They went to a concert.

B. They went to a bus station.

C. They went to a supermarket。

七、根据所给的单词写几句话 Mouse

go into the kitchen(厨房) eat a banana

see a cat

run away

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