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冀教版五年级英语上册Lesson12 The U.S.

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sta rs


east of

spea k


capital city

Tian’anmen Square

the Palace Museum

Fill the blanks.
English French 1.They speak ________and ________

in Canada. Ottawa 2. ______ is the capital city of Canada.
south 3.The U.S. is ______of Canada. red white 3. Canada’s flag is ____and _____. leaf It has a _____. Niagara Falls 4. ____________ is a famous waterfall in Canada. Canada 5. Rocky Mountains are in _______,too.

Lesson 12 The U.S.

Statue of Liberty
Washington ,D.C. is The capital city 自由女神像

Washington ,D.C. 华盛顿

White House The president of 白宫 the U.S. president lives in the 总统 White House.

New York 纽约

1. What do they speak in the U.S.? They speak English . 2. What is the capital city of the U.S.? Washington ,D.C. is the capital city. 3. What country is west of the U.S. ? China is west of the U.S. 4. Please describe(描述) the flag of the U.S.

It is red ,white and blue. It has stars and stripes.

Fill in the blanks. the U.S. 1.This is the flag of ______. stars stripes It has _____ and ______. president 3.The ________ of the U.S. lives in the White House. 4.The Statue of Liberty is in ________. New York

Washington ,D.C.
speak capital city


White House

Statue of Liberty

1.Read the passage three times.

2. Write something about the U.S.

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