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PEP五年级英语上册第三单元 Unit3 what's your favourite food Part A let's talk lesson 2 第二课时

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What’s your favourite food?

Let’s talk

By Gaoping Primary School Olivia

Vegetable Song Come in here, follow me. Sing a vegetable song with me.

Eat the carrot , eat the peas. Eat the tomato, eat the beans. Eat the turnip, eat the corn. Eat the cabbage, and the French beans.

Game : Listen and guess

规则:在老师的描述中抢答这是什么食物? ? 1. It is white and small. Many people eat them every day. rice ? 2. It is yummy to eat, it is red and round. tomato ? 3. It lives in the water , it can swim. we can eat it or watch it. fish ? 4. Its colour is green, it is small and round . green beans

ca a _bb_ge

_o m a _o t _ t

p t t _o _a _o

egg _ _ _plant

green b_ _ ns ea

t_ fu o

p_ _k o r

m_tton u
f_sh i

Mike Sarah

Sarah’ school menu on Mondays

A: What do you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner? B: I have ….What about you? dinner? lunch? A: I have….

What about you? food
break -fast lunch dinner

Listen,number and match

Listen,number and match


Listen,number and match
(1)Girl: What do you have for lunch, Mike? Mike: I have chicken, green beans and dumplings. (2)Boy: What do you have for lunch, Sarah.

Sarah: I have beef, Cabbage and noodles.
(3)Girl: What do you have for lunch, Wu Yifan? Wu Yifan: I have eggplant, pork, rice and soup.

The princess and the witch

Good morning, everyone.

Good morning, my princess.

I’m hungry. What do we have for lunch today?

Let me see. Hmm… We have fish, mutton and pork.

Oh, no! No fish, no mutton, no pork. I want to eat vegetables and fruits.

Pretty apples to sell. Pretty potatoes, eggplants and green beans. Cheap. Very cheap.

Thank you.

What would you like for lunch, my dear princess?

I’d like some tomatoes, eggplants and apples

Ok, here you are.

Oh, no. my princess.

Haha… I’m the most beautiful woman now.

Traditional Chinese food for good wishes


sweet dumplings

zongzi dumplings


What would you like for lunch? I’d like… ? / I would like… ? What do you have for lunch? I have… ?


1.Make a survey: Ask and write
What do you have for breakfast?

I have bread, milk and egg.

Breakfast Me Partner



2.听录音跟读课文P29 Let’s talk并背诵

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