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Endangered Animal ---By cherry.pptx

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This is me ----- Cherry

Name of endangered animal: Giant panda ? Student name: By Cherry

What is an endangered animal?
? An endangered animal is an animal that is going to die out

Name of endangered animal
? What area or region is the endang ered animal found?


Name of endangered animal
scientific name : The scientific name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca Group it belongs to: It belongs to the mammals group.

Three interesting facts about the animal
? 1. The head and body of the panda is mainly white with the exception of its ears, eye patches,nose ,shoulders,arms and legs.

Three interesting facts about the animal
? 2.Giant pandas eat mostly bamboo leaves and shoots.But they can also eat fruit and berries fungi, grass, and even small mammals, birds and fish.

Three interesting facts about the animal

? 3. Panda are very good climbers and us their skill to escape predators. They are also able to move quickly and silently allowing them to evade predators through tunnels of bamboo

? 1. Formulate laws and regulations to protect gaint pandas ? 2. To build warm home to the giant panda ? 3. Don’t buy products made of animals

My ways to protect the endangered animal

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