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中职英语省编教材 It's time to play football.

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Unit 3 Lesson 3

It’s time to play football
Liu Hong-yan

Learning aims
Talk about time, date, weekday with the patterns learned Use “It’s time to …”correctly Difficult point: grammar:动词不定式的用法

Warm up
Read the text and answer the questions:
Football Club 15Xishan Street Monday –Friday 8:30am-5:00pm For young people Price:30yuan a week Questions: 1.What time does the club open? 2.What time does it close? 3.Is it open seven days a week?

Read and choose
Its time for us to show our team spirit Mary always asked me to join a club. I finally joined one . Now , I’m a member of the School Football Club. I’m really interested in it. We’re going to have a football game next Sunday . Our leader tells us it’s time for us to show out team spirit.

1. The club is planning to have a football game next _______ 2. George is happy to _____
A. join the Football Club B. join the Basketball Club C. join the Swimming Club A. Monday B. Saturday C. Sunday

3. ___asks George not to miss the football game. A. Mary B. The leader of the club C. His classmate

Read and practice
It’s time for us to
show the spirit of our team. have a meeting. meet customers. leave have a football game go shopping. study hard. watch a football match join a club play computer games open the window

We want to

Mary asks me (not) to

Fill in the blanks and speak
Mary : It’s our first time ______(come) to to come China . We need ________(find )a to find guide. George :OK. We will find a guide to show ____(show) us around in Shandong Province.

Fill in the blanks
to be I want _______(be) a teacher. to stay I’m happy ______(stay) with students. My mother wants me____ (be) a to be manager. to be I hope ____(be) a guide. I’m glad _____(travel). to travel She wants me _____(make) more money. to make

Writer a letter
Dear John, I’m glad to tell you Luneng Football Team is going to have a match with Guo’an Team on July 3rd in Qingdao . I’d like you to watch it . I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Yours, Mary

你所喜欢的泰山队将于10月8号在济南比赛,请写信将这个消息告诉你 的朋友并邀请他来观看。

to join They ask me __________(join) the club. It is time _______(show) the spirit of our to show team. not to miss John wants us _________(not miss) the game. to be I hope ____(be) a teacher. to make They are glad _____(make) more money. not to leave Tom asks me __________(not leave) the room.

Write a letter Finish the Exercise-book Grammar in Use. Pre-view the Lesson 4

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