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小学英语五年级上册Unit 2 A

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小学英语五年级上册Unit 2 A

一、 快乐记单词。

星期一____________ 星期二_____________ 星期三___________ 星期四____________ 星期五_____________ 二、 快乐朋友手拉手

( )1、What classes do you like ? A. I watch TV. ( )2、What do we have on Monday ? B.We have English

and P.E.

( )3、What day is it today ? C. I like math

and P.E.

( )4、What do you do on Saturday ? D. Today is Saturday. 三、 看课表写单词

1、 2、 3、 4、

We have______ and ______ on M_______. We have______ and ______ on T_______. We have______ on W_________.

We have _______ and _________ on Th_________. We have ________ __________ on F_________.


四、 快乐选择我最棒

( )1、What day is it today ? _________________

A. It’s Monday. B. It’s Sunny day. C. It’s April first.

( )2、He likes Friday,_____ he likes P.E.

A. because B. why C. so

( )3、Today is Saturday, tomorrow is __________.

A. Friday B. Saturday C. Monday


Look !Who is sleeping(睡觉)? Oh, it’s my cat, Mimi. Mimi is my good friend. She likes fish and milk(牛奶). She has two big eyes and a small nose. She has white hair. She is very happy every day. She is very lovely .

( )1、Mimi is not sleeping .

( )2、Her favourite food () is fish .

( )3、She has a big nose .

( )4、Mimi is a white cat .

( )5、Mimi is happy .

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