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PEP六上_Unit_3 A Let's read

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Part A

Let’s read

n___xt w____ ____ k( 下周 ) e e e th___s m__rn___ng( 今天早上) i o i th___s ___v___n___ng( 今天晚上 ) i e e i th___s ___ft___rn___ ____n( 今天下午 ) i a e o o

复习检测: What 1. ________ are you going to do tomorrow morning? I am going to buy some lemons. Where 2. _________ are you going ? I am going to the science museum.

3. ________ are you going? When
I am going at 3:00. How 4. _______ are you going there? I am going to take the No. 10 bus.

重点句子检测 “be going to” 1.明天我打算去书店。 bookstore I’m going to the


I’m going to buy a comic book 2.明天上午我打算去买一本漫画书。 tomorrow morning.

I’m going to the cinema 4.下个星期我打算去旅行。

this evening.

I’m going to take a trip next week.

Time morning afternoon evening Saturday Sunday

This is Miss Hu’s weekend plan.(周末计划)
I’m going to have a busy(忙碌的) weekend.

On Saturday

On Sunday

morning I’m going to visit I am going to
my parents. do housework.

afternoon I’m going to the I’m going to
supermarket. play ping-pong.


I’m going to go to I’m going to read the cinema. books and watch TV.


a busy weekend story-books

A.午餐后 B.在晚上

after lunch
in the evening


visit my grandparents




a happy weekend a nice/ good weekend English book/ Chinese book/ math book/ science book in the morning/ afternoon after school/ class





visit my aunt/ friends

阅读自我检测一 The first reading.快速阅读并选择(我能行)I can do it.

1. Where is she going on Saturday?

A.) Bookstore

B. Supermarket

C. Post office

2. How can she get there? A. By bike

B.) subway By

C. By bus

3. What is she going to buy? A. A new CD B. Some story-books

C.) and B. A

4. What is she going to do at home?
( ) A. Read the new books.

B. Watch TV

阅读自我检测二 Read carefully and tick or cross.仔细阅读并判断对错I can do it.

1. On Sunday, she is going to the bookstore by subway. (No) On Saturday 2. She is going to go home and listen to the new CD. ( No) read the new books

3. On Saturday morning, she is going to the supermarket with her mother. (No ) On Sunday

4. On Sunday evening, she is going to visit her aunt and watch TV together. (Yes)

She’s going to the bookstore by subway. She’s going to buy a new CD and some story books. She’s going to go home and read the new books.

She’s going to the supermarket with her mother after lunch. She’s going to visit her aunt in the evening.

She’s going to watch TV.

Listen and repeat. 我会读 I can read.

Can you retell the passage. 你能复述短文吗? She is going to have a busy week

end. On Saturday, she is going to…

On Sunday, she is going to…

Hi. I am Amy. I’m going to have a busy Saturday. In the morning , I’m going to clean my bedroom. Then, I’m going to the bookstore. I’m going to buy two new storybooks and some post cards. In the afternoon, I’m going to the park with my friends. The park is far, so we are going by bike. Then, in the evening I’m going to visit my grandparents with my mom by subway. We are going to watch TV together. 2. Is she are Amy buy a comicSaturday to do in the 1. 3. What goinggoing to do mother goingmorning? What is Amy to and her on book? evening? They going to to bookstore. No, she isn’t. She isare going thewatch TV . She is going to

buy two new story-books and some post cards.

自主学习 I can learn by myself. 电话预约周末活动

play ping pong, play football, take a trip,
have a picnic, go hiking, fly kites, play sports go skating, go shopping, go to the cinema cook the meals, clean the room, buy a book A: Hi , this is …, I’m going to have a … weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to …, and…

On Sunday, I’m going to…
Can you go with me? That will be fun. B: Great! We can play together.

Homework: 1.以“My weekend / My weekend plan / My busy weekend ”为题,写一篇作文, 介绍自己的周末计划。不少于30个字。
2. 听磁带,读P30 的文章五遍,签字。

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