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Unit 1 You’re good at drawing, Peter.

1. be good at..... 擅长于....

(1) 后接动名词 I am good at swimming. (2) 后接名词 I am good at English.

What are you good at? I am good at.... What are you not good at? I am not good at....

What is your best friend good at? / What is Anne / Peter good at? She / He is good at.......

What do you like doing?

么?你喜欢做如什: I like watching films. 2. Do you......?

Do you like fishing? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

Unit 2 Anne wanted to skate.

( 1 ) want to ....... 想要....(后接动词原形)

What do you want to do? 你想要干什么? I want to fly a kite. 第三人称 What does Peter/she want to do?

Peter/She wants to read a book.

过去时态 What did he want to do?

He wanted to play computer games.

( 2 ) try to ....... 努力、尝试做.... (后接动词原形) Lingling try to skate.

Unit 3 Have you got enough money?


(1)Have you got ........? 你有.........?

Have you got enough money? 你有足够的钱吗? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.


Was the dictionary small enough? 这字典够小吗? Yes, it was./ No, it was not. (3)enough 和 too 的用法

enough 用来修饰形容词,放在形容词后面。 useful enough 足够有用

用来修饰名词时,放在前面。 enough money 足够的钱

too用来修饰形容词,放在形容词前面。 too cheap 太便宜 too expensive 太贵 ( 4 ) Mr Li wanted to buy a camera. But he did not have enough money.

He had enough money.


Unit 4 Our earth looks like this from space.


(1)be interested in...... 对...感兴趣。I am interested in space/playing football. (2)What does it look like? 它看起来像什么? It looks like a dragon . (3) 特定词前加定冠词 the. the earth/ sea / land 地球海洋陆地

Unit 5 There are more shops in Picture One.

(1) more + 可数名词的复数 (较多的.... )

more hawkers /shops 较多的小商贩/商店

more + 不可数名词

more rain/ rubbish/ milk/ water/ cheese/ butter较多的雨/垃圾/牛奶/水/干


(2) fewer + 可数名词复数 (较少的....)

fewer bicycles fewer people (集合名词) 较少的人

Less + 不可数名词 (较少的....) less rain / rubbish / milk / water (3) In which picture are there fewer people?

There are fewer people in Picture One.

In which picture is there less rain? There is less rain in Picture Two. In which picture are there more hawkers? There are more hawkers in Picture One.

(4)I have less milk than Dongdong. 我与东东相比有较少的牛奶。 我比东东少些牛奶。


Picture A has more flowers/ people than Picture B. 图A与图B相比有较多的花 / 人。

Unit 6 Some stories are more interesting than others.

(1) A+ be动词 + 形容词比较级 + than B (两者比较)

① The boy is taller than the girl. 这个男孩比女孩更高。

② Swimming in the sea is more exciting than swimming in a pool. 在海里游泳比在泳池游泳更兴奋。

Picture A is less beautiful than Picture B. 图A 不如图B 漂亮。 Unit 7 The most interesting stories.

(2) A + be动词 + the + 形容词最高级 (三者或三者以上进行比较)

① The rabbit is the noisiest animal. 兔子是最吵闹的动物。

The Changjing river is the longest river in China. 长江是中国最长的河流。

② Fairy tales are the most boring stories. 童话故事是最无趣的故事。

Cloudy Days is the least interesting book. (阴天)是最少趣味的书。 4

(3)as .+形容词原形...as.......( 和....一样..... ) as short as.....( 和...一样矮)( 4) not .....at all(一点也不、根本不) not interesting at all (没一点趣味) (5 ) Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?

We want to borrow some books. 我们想借一些书。

Unit 8 The Dragon Boat Festival

(1)When is the Dragon Boat Festival? 什么时候是端午节?

It’s on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. 农历五月初五。 (2)What are these / those? 这些/那些是什么?

They are rice dumplings.

(4) Why do we eat rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival? 端午节我们为什么吃粽子?

To remember the famous poet, Qu Yuan. 为了纪念著名诗人屈原。 Unit 9 What can I do?

(1)I’m too fat .What can I do? 我太胖,我该怎么办?

You can do more exercises. 你可以多做运动。

(2) What can Lingling /he do? She / He can walk home. ( 3 ) thirsty(口渴的)---- drink some water

tired(疲劳的)-----have a rest / go to bed ill / fell sick(病的---- go and see a doctor cold(寒冷的)---- put on your coat

hungry(饥饿的)------eat some biscuits

bored (无聊的)----- read some comics


( 4 )Thank you very much . You are welcome. / Not at all. 不用谢。 Unit 10 Tomorrow will be rainy

(1)will do (动词原形)

I will get wet. 我将会弄湿。 I will go home . 我将回家。 (2)will be ..... 将会.....

Friday night will be windy / snowy / light rain /cold. 周五晚上将会......。 (3) Will it /there be heavy rainy tomorrow? 明天会下大雨吗? Yes, it will. / No, it won’t.

(4)How is the weather (today)? 今天天气怎样?

It’s cloudy. Today is cloudy. 今天是阴天。 (5) How is the weather tomorrow? 明天天气会怎样? Tomorrow / It will be sunny.

( 6 ) 一周七天:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


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