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一般过去时练习 班级 C5 C8

一 选择

1 She lived there before he____to China.

A. came B. comes C. come D. coming

2 When did you ____here?

A. got to B. reached C. arrive in D. reach

3 I____my homework at 7:00 yesterday evening.

A. finished B. would finish C. was finishing D. finish

4 -I have had supper.

- When ____you ____it?

A. have; had B. do, have C. did, have D. will have

二 填空

1 There____(be)a shop not long ago.

2 Jenny_________(not go)to bed until 11:00 o'clock last night.

3 Danny _____(read )English five minutes ago.

4 He ____(do)his homework every day. But he _______(not do)it yesterday. 5 When I was young, I _____(play)games with my friends.

6 When ____you_____(write)this book? I _____it last year.

7 Did he____(have) lunch at home?

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