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看听学1 lesson43 44 46专项测试

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《看听学1》 lesson43 44 46 单元检测

一 英汉互译

1.关闭的------------ 8楼上-----------

2.早餐------------ 9 一点------------

3.Perhaps------------- 10假日--------------

4.安静---------------- 11 playground--------------

5.Go upstairs and see----------------- 12 迟的---------------

6.今天学校不上课--------------------------- 13给我一本书------------------

7.Breakfast is ready---------------------------- 14给他一块橡皮----------------

二 仿句练习

例:He is a tall man. 2 I am a young boy. They are tall men. ---------------------------- 1 She is a clever woman. 3 That is an old man.

---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

三 将下列单词变成复数:

1. policewoman----------------- 5. fox--------------------------

2. child--------------------------- 6milkman-------------------

3. man—————————— 7 actress---------------------

4. woman------------------------- 8hero---------------------------

5. gose-------------------------- 9potato--------------------------

6. bus--------------------------- 10tooth------------------------

7. radio------------------- 11foot-----------------------

四 句型转换:

1 Ther are old towls.(变否定句) 6 My father’对划线部分提问) 2This pair of shoes is pretty.(变一般疑问句)同上) 3This is a new football.(变一般疑问句) 8It’同上)

4My car is old.(变否定句) 同上) 对划线部分提问)同上)

五 阅读理解

The spring Festival(春节) is our Chinese people’s festival. Chinese people,home and abroad(国外的),celebrate(庆祝) it each year.There are different names for each Chinese year. We can it the year of the sheep,the year of the dog,the year of the pig.

Before the days of the festival,people are busy shopping and cleaning their houses. On the New year’s Eve(除夕夜),there is a big family dinner.After that,most people late to welcome the new year.In the middle (中间)of the night,people usually have dumplings (饺子)and watch many kinds of parties on TV.On the first day of the New Year,people put on their new cothes and go to visit(拜访) their friends.They say “Happy New Year”to each other.People have good time in the festival.

1. The spring Festival___________________.

A is on January 1st each year B has the same name each year

C is our Chinese NewYear

2 ON the New Year’s Eve,____________________

A we have a big dinner B people usually watch TV.

C Aand B

3 What do people do before the days of the festival?

A They do some shopping and cleaning B They put on their new clothes.

C They go to visit their friends.

4 The Chinese for the word “stay up ”is________________________ A起床 B站起来 C熬夜

5 Which is NOT right.

A Most people go to bed very late on Ner Year’s Eve.

B On the first day of the New Year ,people go from house to house.

C Only the people in China celebrate the Spring Festival.

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