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( )1.What class are you in? I’m in ________ A class 4 B Class 4 C class four ( )2. ________ I’m hungry A What’s the matter ? B How are you C Are you hungry ? ( )3.What do you want ? I want a ________ A fishes B milk C pear ( )4.I want some meat and rice ________ lunch A of B for C at

( )5.Do you _______ a gym in your school? A have B like C has

( )6.We are from _______ . We are _______ A Canada Canadian B Canada Canada C Canadian Canada ( )7.He has lunch _______ school A in the B in C at

( )8.We have many _______ in our school A pictures B photos Ccraftes ( )9.Does Tom _______ a gym in his school Yes, he does A has B have C having ( )10.We have 30 minutes _______ breakfast A of B at C for

( )11.How many _______ do you have in your bag? A book B pen C pencils ( )12. _______ is her coat? It’s in the music room A How B Where C Where’s ( )13.Look, the boys are _______ in the pool (水池) A swims B swiming C swimming ( )14.Amy _______ the test again A can does B does C do

( )15.We have three _______ in our house A bedrooms B bedroom C clinics ( )16. _______are you I’m five A How B How old C What

( )17.He _______ playing ping-pong A like B is like C likes

( )18.How many _______ are there in your school? A teachers B students C A&B ( )19.Don’t _______on the desk I’m sorry A stand B standing C stands ( )20.Does he like soccer? No, he _______ A isn’t B don’t C doesn’t ( )21.Miss Liu is _______ teacher . I’m _______ student A me her B my her C her my ( )22.What classes do you have _______ Monday morning? A in B on C at ( )23. _______ do you like English? It’s interesting A When B Why C What ( )24.Lucky _______ like computer class . It’s hard A doesn’t B don’t C isn’t ( )25.What can you do _______ computers? I can write an e-mails A use B on C in ( )26.English is too _______ for me A easy B hard C A&B

( )27.Jane _______ like Chinese . It’s hard A doesn’t B isn’t C not

( )28. _______ do you have science? A How B What C When

( )29.We are _______ an art class A having B has C have

( )30.This is _______ book A interesting B an interesting C a interesting ( )31.How do you do ? _______ A Nice to meet you B hi C How do you do ( )32.We are going to _______ A playing games B play games C play a gane ( )33.Who _______ English ? A likes B like C is likes

( )34.Math is very hard _______ me A to B for C on

( )35.The gym is on _______ floor A first B second C the first

( )36.Do we _______ English today ? A have B having C has

( )37. _______ is your father ? It’s in the study A Who B Where C How

( )38.What time do you get up? I get up _______ 6:10 A in B on C at ( )39. _______ you make cards? Yes, I can A Can B Do C Are

( )40.Look! The children _______ in the gym A play basketball B playing basketball C are playing basketball ( )41. _______ Brown is my teacher. I’m his student A Mr B Ms C Miss

( )42.Do you like to _______chess with your friends? A plays B playing C play ( )43.Tom and I are good _______ A sisters B friends C child

( )44. _______ are you going to play soccer? In the gym A What B Where C How ( )45. _______ is Miss Brown talking with? A Who B What C Where ( )46.I can’t do _______ A something B anything C everything

( )47. _______ you _______ ping-pong ? A Can making B Can makeing C Can make ( )48.Miss Li and I are _______ a kite A make B making C makeing ( )49. _______ do you like science? A Why B How C What

( )50. _______ do you have computer? On Tuesday A Where B When C Why ( )51. _______ your favourite food? A What’s B How C What

( )52.We often get up _______ 6:50 in the morning A in B at C on ( )53.Lily doesn’t like Math. Because it’s _______ A interesting B boring C fun ( )54.______________ he in the office? A Is B Does C Can

( )55.Where _______ the children? A is B are C do

( )56.I can _______ the Internet A surfing B surfs C surf

( )57.Can you _______ ? Yes ,I can A play piano B play the piano C play a piano ( )58.What class is she _______ ? A at B on C in

( )59. _______ do you like computer class? It’s easy A Why B How C What about ( )60.What _______ do you like ? I like art A class B classroom C colour ( )61.Tom and I _______ going to the zoo on Tuesday A am B is C are ( )62. _______ ! Thanks A Have good time B Have a good time C Have good times ( )63.We go to school _______ 7:30 in the morning A at B in C about ( )64. _______ he Tom ? Yes, he is A Is B Are C Does

( )65.There are _______ days in a week A six B seven C five

( )66.Yaoyao _______ art .But she _______ like Chinese A like does B likes does C likes ( )67.Nice to _______ you Me , too A meet B meat C seeing

( )68.We_______ an art room on the second floor A has B have C there is ( )69.Where _______ she from? She’s from China A has B does C is ( )70.What’s your favourite _______? Swimming A colour B sport C food


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