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? Zhang: I have three new teachers. ? Tim: Who are they? ? Zhang:A science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. ? Tim: Who's your English teacher? ? Zhang:Mr Carter. He's from Canada. ? Tim: What's he like? ? Zhang:He's tall and strong. He's very funny. ? Tim: I know. He's my father. ? Zhang:Really?

? Zhang: I_______ three new teachers. have ? Tim: Who are they? ? Zhang:A _______ teacher, an art teacher and science _____ English teacher. an ? Tim: Who’s your English teacher? _____ Canada ? Zhang:Mr Carter. He's from ________. ? Tim: What's he _____? like funny ? Zhang:He's tall and strong. He's very ______. ? Tim: I _____. He's my father. know ? Zhang:Really?

Who is this girl ?

She is Amy.


Who is this boy ?

He is John.


Who is this lady ?
She is our

What’s she like? She is …

Is she young? No, she isn’t. She is old.

Who is your principal?

He is Mr Shen.
What’s he like?

He is tall and thin.

Our principal is_______.
He is ________.

Who is this man? He is a

university student.大学生


computer cute use USA


u, u, u, university s, s, s, student university student university student

He is a

university student.
What’s he like? He is _________.

Is he young? Yes, he is. He is very


art mart smart
_____ is smart.

Who is this man?
He is a math teacher.



Is ______ kind ? he No, he isn’t. He is strict.


_________ is strict.

Who is this woman ?

She is an English teacher.

Is ______ funny ? she Yes, she is. She is very active.

university student

smart strict young principal funny



What’s he like? He is _________. old Is he __________? old Yes, he is.

What’s he like? He is _______ . young Is he ________? old No, he isn’t.

what’s she like? She’s _____________. tall and young
Is _______ tall? she Yes, she is.

Is she ___________? short No, she __________. isn’t

( ) 1. -------I have four teachers. -------Who ? -------An English teacher, a math teacher, a Chinese teacher and an art teacher. A. is, it B. are, it C. are, they D. /,they

( ) 2. -------Look at that man! Is he your math teacher? -------Yes, . A. he isn't B. he is C. she isn't D. she is
( ) 3. -------Who is John's new teacher? ------. A. It is Mr. Zhao B. She is Miss. White ( ) 4. -------What's Miss. White like? ------young. A. He's B. It's C. /

C. He is Mr. Black

D. She's

连词成句 1.she like

what's ( ?)

What’s she like? 2.a student is she university (?)
She is a university student. 3.young is she ( ?) Is she young? 4.kind is she very ( .)

She is very kind.

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