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PEP7 Unit3 A let's read

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Unit 3 What are you going to do?
A. Let’s read

Let’s review: 表示将来时态的时间短语: tomorrow 明天 tonight 今晚 this morning 今天早上 this afternoon 今天下午 this evening 今天晚上 next week 下个星期 next Sunday 下个周日 this weekend 这个周末 表示动作的词组: visit grandparents 看望外祖父母 play sports 做运动 read books 看书 read a magazine 看杂志 play basketball 打篮球 take a trip 旅游 visit the Great Wall 游长城 go shopping 购物 play chess 下棋 go hiking 去远足 buy a story-book 买故事书 see a doctor 看医生 climb mountains 爬山 fly kites 放风筝 have a picnic 举行野餐 watch TV 看电视 …

Let’s play
Read the words quickly! 快速读出单词。

tomorrow play football buy tonight a story-book this evening have a to the bookstore go picnic next week visit the Great Wall this grandparents visit morning take a trip read books this afternoon play sports this weekend read a magazine fly kites play basketball

Key sentences: 重点句子检测 “be going to”

I’m going to the bookstore tomorrow.

I’m going to buy a story book tomorrow morning.

I’m going to the cinema this evening.

I’m going to take a trip next week.

I’m going to the theme park by bus.
theme park
far from 2 hours



theme park

Let’s say:

I’m going to _____________ by ________. the bookstore subway

a new CD

and some story-books. 一些

When are you going?
I’m going to the bookstore with my brother. I’m going to _______ with my ______. We are going after lunch.
午饭之后 mother sister

Let’s say:

at 3aunt uncle the afternoon o’clock in friend after dinner …
grandfather grandmother classmate …

tonight get We are going to ________ together. 一起 mother

watch TV drink pictures draw coffee

I’m going to have a busy weekend.

a nice weekend

a happy weekend
a good weekend

开头,介绍自己 并说明这是怎样的一个周末



文章的结尾,期待的周 末 可最后设置问题!

阅读自我检测一 The first reading.快速阅读并选择(我能行)I can do it.

1. Where is she going on Saturday?

A.) Bookstore

B. Supermarket

C. Post office

2. How can she get there? A. By bike

B.) subway By

C. By bus

3. What is she going to buy?
A. A new CD B. Some story-books

C.) and B. A

4. What is she going to do at home?
( ) A. Read the new books.

B. Watch TV

阅读自我检测二 Read carefully and tick or cross.仔细阅读并判断对错I can do it.

1. On Sunday, she is going to the bookstore by subway. (No) On Saturday 2. She is going to go home and listen to the new CD. ( No) read the new books

3. On Saturday morning, she is going to the supermarket with her m

other. (No ) On Sunday

4. On Sunday evening, she is going to visit her aunt and watch TV together. (Yes)

1. What is Liu Yun going to do on Saturday? She is going to the bookstore. 2. How is she going to the bookstore? She is going by subway. 3. What is she going to buy? She is going to buy a new CD and some story-books. 4. What is she going to do at home? She is going to read the new books.

5. What is she going to do on Sunday? She is going to the supermarket. 6. Who is she going with? She is going with her mother. 7. When is she going to the supermarket? She is going after lunch.

8. What is she going to do on Sunday evening? She is going to visit her aunt. 9. Is she going to have a busy weekend? Yes, she is .

a busy weekend

B.在晚上 C.去旅行 D.繁忙的周末 E.报纸

after lunch
in the evening

take a trip


a happy weekend a nice/ good weekend in the morning/afternoon /evening after school/ class visit my aunt/ friends

放学后/下课后 看望阿姨/朋友


with parents Sunday morming

1.________ are you going to do tomorrow morning? What
I am going to buy some apples. Where 2. _________ are you going ? I am going to the science museum. 3. ________ are you going? When I am going at 3:00. 4. _______ are you going there? How I am going to take the No. 10 bus.

Who 5._______ are you going with?
I am going with my mom.

Questions: 1. What is Liu Yun going to do on Saturday? 2. What is she going to do on Sunday? Fill in the form: On Saturday On Sunday

go to the bookstore go to the supermarket buy a new CD and some story-books go home read the new books

visit her aunt

watch TV

Write Liu Yun’s weekend plan.
Saturday Saturday Sunday afternoon new CD read the and story- new books, go home books bookstore by subway supermarket her mom Sunday evening visit her aunt, watch TV


with who

1. How is Liu Yun’s weekend? busy is She ___ going to have a ______ weekend. 2. Does Liu Yun like her weekend plan? Yes.

1.Read the passenge for 5 times. 朗读短文5遍。 2. Finish your weekend plan after class. 课后完成周末计划的小作文。

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