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一. 看图选对应的词,只填序号。

A. ice cream B. cheese C. juice D. food E. shopping list

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( ) 4. ( ) 5. ( )

二. 根据图片判断句子正误,正确用“T”,错误用“F”。

1. I can see some meat.

2. Tom likes watermelons.

3. They would like four bottles of milk.

4. Ten kilos of rice, please.

5. Lisa wants to buy some pears.

三. 选词填空。

How many How much

1. ________milk do you want? 6. _________tea do you want?

2. _______apples do you want? 7.________watermelons do you want?

3. ________pears do you want? 8._________juice do you want?

4. ________rice do you want? 9._________cheese do you want?

5. ________cakes do you want? 10.______water do you want?

四. 找出画线部分不同读音的单词。

五. 将问句与答语连线。

1. When did you come back? A. Yes, they did.

2. Did they buy ice creams? B. Yes, I live near Amy and Sam.

3. Do you live in London, too? C. I went to the park.

4. How are you? D. I’m fine, thank you.

5. Where did you go? E. Three yuan, please.

6. How much is it? F. We came back last Sunday.

六. 抄写下面的句子。

1. When did you come back? We came back last Sunday.

2. Do you like cheese, Lingling? No, I don’t.

3. How many bananas do you want? One kilo, please.

4. How much cheese do you want? Half a kilo.

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