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Name_______________ class_________________ (一)写出所缺的字母11分

Tr_____users(裤子) p____ne(电话) dr____ss(连衣裙) d____g(狗) s____n(太阳)

Gr__ ___n(绿色) b____droom(卧室) br____sh(刷刷) r____ad(读) h____mework(家庭作业)


Wednesday home favourite duck map film ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 星期六 图画 毛衣 袜子 围巾 手套

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (三)下列的句子互译18分 What day is today?

______________________________________________________________________, l like you skirt

________________________________________________________________ what do you do at home?

__________________________________________________________________________ _早上好




1.L drav a picture _______my story ( to , for ) 2.We wash the clothes_______a Sunday morning (at on) 3.L read a book _____the morning ( at in ) 4.L brush _______teeth every morning (your my) 5.L play _______the computer (an on) 6.Today _______mondan (am is )

(五)选择he she this these what(10分) 1.This is liming_______is a boy

2._______is wearing a pink and purpul skirt

3._______is he wearing?_______wearing red trousers

4._______is my new skirt 5. _________are red trousers (六)写出意思相反的词12分

Old________ big_________ black________ yes__________ (七)回答问题16分 1.What day is today?

____________________________________________________ 2.What,s this? (sweater)

__________________________________________________-_ 3.What,s are these?(sock)

_________________________________________________-----、 4.Whatdo you do at hame?

__________________________________________________pPpppp (八)连线题10分

Morning 电视 read 写

Tv 早上 write 红色

Clothes 游戏 Tuesday 星期二

Game 衣服 cap 河

Story 故事 river 帽子

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