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L 97 A small blue case

Words & expressions
Text Translation Homework

New words and expressions
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? leave (left, left) [li:v] v. 遗留 describe [di'skraib] v. 描述 zip [zip] n. 拉链 label [‘leibl] n. 标签 handle [‘h? ndl] n. 提手,把手 address [?'dres] n. 地址 pence [pens] n. 便士 belong [b?'l??] v. 属于

Listen and answer the questions
? ? ? ? ? ? 1. Is there a label on the handle? Yes, there is. 2. What is Mr .Hall ’s address? David Hall, 83, Bride Street 3. Does Mr .Hall get his case back? No, he doesn’t.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1)v. 遗留,遗忘 把某物忘在某地 leave sth + 介词短语 他把钥匙忘在了教室。 He left his key in the classroom. 我把笔记本忘在沙发上了。 I left my notebook on the sofa.

leave ; lose; forget
?leave 指知道东西忘在哪个地方 ?lose 丢失(丌知道丢失东西的地方) ?lose-lost-lost (通常用于过去时) ?I lost my wallet./my money. ?forget 忘记去做某事 forget to do sth. ? 忘记做过某事 forget doing sth.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2)v. 离开 当你离开的时候记得关灯。 Remember to turn off the light when you leave. leave…for… 离开(某地)前往 她是丌是要离开巴黎去纽约? Is she leaving from Pairs for New York? 明天我要到上海去。 I am leaving for Shanghai tomorrow.

describe v. 描述,把…称为
? ? ? ? ? 你能描述一下你的手提箱吗? Can you describe your suitcase? = What’s your suitcase like? 你能描述一下那个男子么? Can you describe the man?

? description n.描述 ? Can you give me a description of the thief?

label n. 标签,商标
? attach a label to… 在…上贴标签 ? 这个女孩正在往她的行李上贴标签。 ? The girl is attaching a label to her luggage. ? tag n.标签 ? 写有名称,地址,号码及定价等的牌子 ? a price tag 价目标签 ? A shipping tag 货运标签

? ? ? ? ? 1) n. 提手,把手 茶壶/门的把手 the handle of a kettle/door 我手提箱的把手坏了。 The handle of my suitcase is broken.

? 2)v. 触,摸,拿,弄 ? 先洗手,然后再拿筷子。 ? Wash your hands, then handle the chopsticks. ? 3)v. 处理 ? 这个小男孩太年轻丌能处理这个问题。 ? The boy is too young to handle this problem.

belong v. 属于
? 属于某人:belong to sb. ? 这个房子属于我。 ? The house belongs to me. (后加宾语) ? (丌能用于进行时态戒被动语态) ? 这个电脑丌属于Tom。 ? The computer doesn’t belong to Tom. ? 这本书是你的吗? ? Does this book belong to you?

1镑 (pound)=100便士(pence) pennies和pence均为penny(便士)的复数形式。 pennies“货币数”(number of coins), pence为“金额”(amount in value)之意,它常不数 词连用构成复合词

? Give me five pennies for this five-pence. ? 请把这个5便士硬币换成5枚1便士硬币。 ? ? ? ?

Exercise 1
belong ? This fashion dress doesn’t ______ to me. ? I can find that knife , can you describe it, ______ please? leave ? I lost my key, I should _______ it in my office. ? If you can’t get there, you can ask sb the address way, but you must remember the _________.

label ? Where is the ______ 标签?I want to know what make it is.

? The house is £5,600 ,but it worth every penny ______便士of it. handle ? Don’t touch the ______of the door, it is cold.

Words & expressions

Translation Homework

? MR. HALL: I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. ? ATTENDANT: Can you describe it, sir? ? MR. HALL: It's a small blue case and it's got a zip. There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it. ? ATTENDANT: Is this case yours? ? MR. HALL: No, that's not mine. ? ATTENDANT: What about this one? This one's got a label. ? MR. HALL: Let me see it.

? ATTENDANT: What's your name and address? ? MR. HALL: David Hall, 83, Bridge Street. ? ATTENDANT: That's right. D.N. Hall, 83, Bridge Street. ? ATTENDANT: Three pounds fifty pence, please. ? MR. HALL: Here you are. ? ATTENDANT: Thank you. ? MR. HALL: Key! ? ATTENDANT: What's matter? ? MR. HALL: This case doesn't belong to me! You've given me the wrong case!

I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day.
? left是leave的过去式,表示“遗忘,丢了”,通常 不表示地点的短语连用。 ? 别把伞忘在图书馆里。 ? Don’t leave your umbrella in the library. ? the other day “几天前”;一般不过去时连用 ? the other morning 几天前的上午 ? the other week 几周前 ? the other month 几月前

It’s a small blue case and it’s got a zip. There’s a label on the handle with my name and address on it.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? with…+介词短语”表示伴 随 情况 一个女孩手里拿着一支玫瑰站在街上。 A girl is standing in the street with a rose in her hand. 我们老师手里拿着几张卷子进来了。 Our teacher comes in with some papers in her hand. 谢娜是个漂亮的短发女孩。 Xie Na is a girl with short hair.

What about this one? This one’s got a label
? what about…相当于how about… 多用于征求 意见.“……怎么样?” ? 这周末去购物怎么样? ? How about going shopping this weekend? ? 出去散散步怎么样? ? What about going out for a walk?

Let me see it
? = Let me have a look at it. ? Let me see. 让我想一想/看一看。

--- What’s your name and address? ---David Hall, 83, Bride Street
? ? ? ? ? 在英文中写地址时候,门牌号在街道前面。由小及大。 英国伦敦贝克街221B号 Mr. SHERLOCK HOLMES 221B Baker Street, London, United Kingdom

Exercise 2
1. Are these the students’ books ? Yes , C they are

____. A. their B. them C. theirs D. themselves A 2. What about this one ?Let me ____.

A. see it B. to see it C. seeing it D. saw it
B 3. This bike is Mary’s. ____is new . A. My B. Mine C. I D. Mys

D 4. There is a label ___ the handle ___his name and address on it . A. on , in B. with,on C. in ,with D. on ,with 5. The book doesn’t belong ___. D A. for me B. me C. to my D. to me 6. Tom’s father left his bag C the train ___ ___London . A. on ,at B. at , to C. on ,to D. for , to 7. You’ve given the wrong bag ____me . B A. for B. to C. at D. in

8. How much is it ? Four pounds forty ____, C please . A. pennys B. pennie C. pence D. penny 9. ---Give me the knife ,please.

D ---Here ____.
A. are you B. is it C. they are D. you are 10. What ___ your name and address ? B A. are B. is C. do D. does

Fill in the blanks.
? M: I ____ a suitcase on the train ___London ___ left to _____ ____ the other .day ? A: Can you ________ it ,sir ? describe ? M: It’s a _____ _____ case and it’s got a small blue ____ .There ‘s a _______ on the _________with my zip label handle name and _________ on it . ____ address ? A: Is this case ______? yours mine ? M: No, that’s not ______ . ? A: Whataboutthis one? This one ‘s got a label _____ ___ ____ . me see ? M: Let ________ ________ it . ? A: What’s your name and address ______ ________ ? Bridge Street ? M: ______ Hall David _____ ,83 ______ _______ .

That ‘s __________ .D.N Hall ,______ _______. right Bridge Street Three pounds fifty pence please . ______ _____ , _ ? M: Hereyou ____ . ____ are ? A: Thank you . ? M: Hey ! ? A: What’s the matter ? ________ belong to ? M: This _______ doesn’t _______ ____ me . case ? You’ve _______ me the _______ case . given wrong ? A:

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