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星期二_________ 星期三_________ 星期四_________ 星期五_________ 星期六_________ 西红柿_________ 土豆_________ 聪明的_________ 严格的_________ 和蔼的_________


1. The fish is my favourite food. It’s_________.

2. Tom is my brother. He is very_________.

3. Our principal is Miss Wan. She’s_________.

4. I don’t like grapes. They are _________.

5. Zoom has to eat vegetables . He’s too_________.


( )1. What would you like for lunch? ( )2. What do you do on Sundays? ( )3. What’s your favourite food? ( )4. What’s he like? ( )5. What day is it today? 四、句型转换。

1. I have new teachers.(改为一般疑问句)


2. It’(对划线部分提问)


3. This is a potato.(改为复数句)


4. Do you often watch TV on Mondays?(作否定回答)




1.你的新老师很幽默风趣,你可以说( )

A. My new teacher is heavy. B. My new teacher is funny.

C. My new teacher is a young man.

2.同学问你星期一有什么课,你应该回答( )

A. We have English and music on Monday.

B. I have eggplant for lunch on Monday.

C. They have P.E. and art on Mondays.

3.下面对苹果 评价正确的一项( )

A. The apples are salty and yummy. B. The apples are sweet and yummy.

C. The apples are not healthy.

4.Zoom觉得自己太胖,想减肥,你认为下面哪组食品适合他吃?( )

A. beef, chicken, cake B. green beans, cabbage, tofu

C. hamburger, mutton, banana


Hello, my name is Gordon. I am a student in willow school. I get up at 6:30 and go to school at 7 o’clock in the morning. We have three classes in the morning and one in the afternoon.

On Monday, we have P.E. and art. I can draw beautiful pictures.

I love Tuesday. On Tuesday, I have science . Science is fun. And our science teacher is very funny. But my favourite class is computer. What about you?

We have three English classes every week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our English comes from the USA. He is tall ad strong. He likes sports. Boys sometimes play football with him.

My father and mother are not at home on Thursday, so I have lunch at school. The food at my school is so yummy.

( )1. There are six classes in one day.

( )2. Gordon has no English class on Friday.

( )3. Gordon likes science and computer.

( )4. The food in Gordon’s school is good.

( )5. There are two English classes every week.


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