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Ⅰ. Listen and choose.(听录音,找出你所听到的一组字母,并将序号填入题前括号内 。)(5%)

( )1.A、cde B、bca C、bcd ( )2.A、WFG B、GFW C、CFW

( )3.A、toq B、top C、qot ( )4.A、jgq B、gjp C、jpg ( )5.A、FER B、EFT C、KEF II.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组。)(8%)

( ) 1. A. sing

B. singer C. king D. making D. north D. weekend D. which ( ) 2. A. show ( ) 3. A. week ( )4. A. where B. now B. work B. what C. snow C. walk C. how

( )5. A. clean streets B. sell things C. help sick people

( )6.A.ride a bike B. make kites C. fly kites

( )7.A.play the violin B. play the football C. go hiking

( )8.post card B. comic book C. story book

III.Listen and number. (听录音,按照你所听到的单词顺序在对应的中文意思下标上序号。) (5%)

作家 画家 销售员 清洁工 男演员

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

IV.Listen and number.(听录音,排列句子。)(7%)

( )He is a policeman.

( )Hi! Zhang Peng. What does your father do?

( )How cool! Where does he work?

( )Hello! Mingming!

( )How does he go to work?

( )He works in a police station.

( )He goes to work by car.

V.Listen and answer the question. (听录音,选择正确的答案。)(5%)

( )1. What does Amy’s father teach?

A. English. B. Math. C. Chinese.

( )2. What does Amy’s mother do?

A. Writer. B. Singer. C. Artist.

( )3.How does Amy’s father go to work?

A. On foot. B. By bus. C. By car.

( )4.Does Amy’s mother go to work on foot?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

( )5.Does Amy want to be a TV reporter?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t.

Ⅰ.Letters writing. (按字母顺序,在四线格中填上适当的字母。)(6%)

Aa Dd Ff Gg Ii Kk Ll Mm Oo Qq

Ss Uu Xx Zz

II. Read and circle. (仔细辨读下列单词,圈出不属于同类的单词。) (4%) 例:hot cold 1. strong thin sweet 2. pig tomato eggplant

3. river



( ) ) ) grass picture 4. desk singer actor III. Read and write “T” or “F”.(读句子,判断正误。正确的写上“T”,错误的写上“F”。)( 5%) 1. Doctor cleans streets. ( )2. Teacher sells things. 3. Artist draws pictures. ( )4. Cleaner helps sick people. 5. Salesperson teaches lessons.

IV. Read and tick.(读句子,在A和B两选项中勾出正确的一个。) (5%)

1.What are you (A. go to do B. going to do) next Sunday, Lihua?

2.Is it far (A. to B. from) here?

3.I can plant trees (A. in B. on)spring.

4.The National Day is (A. at B. on) Oct.1st.

5.The Olympic Games is held (A. in B. at)Beijing.

V. Read and choose.

例:( A ) How do you feel? A. I feel bored. B. I am at home. C. I don’t.

( ) 1. How do you go to school? A. On foot. B. At 10:00. C. Tomorrow.

( ) 2. Do you play football? A. I played. B. Yes, I do. C . On the playground.

( ) 3. What does she do? A. Singer. B. Sing a song. C. Go skiing.

( ) 4. Where is the cinema? A. Near the hospital. B. Go to plant trees. C. By bus.

( ) 5. Where did you go yesterday? A. I am happy. B. By plane. C. Kunming.

( ) 6. __does he go to school? --By bike. A. When. B. How. C. What.

( ) 7. __does she work? --She works in a hospital.

A. When . B. What. C. Where.

( ) 8. What did he do last Monday? A. He went to the park. B. At home. C. He goes to the park.

( ) 9. What are you going to__this afternoon?


A. do B. be C. / What B. When C. How ( ) 10. __does he do? --He’s a TV reporter.

VI. Read and choose.

VII. Read and match.

例:( C ) 1. What are you going to do in Kunming? A. I feel sick. My nose hurts.

( ) 2. Did you read books? B .I am going to Xinjiang.

( ) 3. Where are you going on holiday? C. I am going to see flowers.

( ) 4 What’s the matter with you? D. Yes, I did. ( ) 5. How are you going to Beijing? E. Next week. ( ) 6. When are you going to Harbin? F. I am going by plane.

VIII. Write the sentences.(在四线格上正确抄写句子。) (15%)

1. What does your mother do? She is a TV reporter.

2.Where does he work? He works in a car company.

3.How does she go to work? By bus.

第一部分 听力(30%)

Ⅰ. 1-5 BACAB (共5小题,每小题1分)

II.1-5 BBCAB 6-8 CAC(共8小题,每小题1分)

III.32514 (共5小题,每小题1分)

IV. 3241657 (共7小题,每小题1分)

V. ABCAA (共5小题,每小题1分)

第二部分 笔试部分 (70%)

Ⅰ.(略) (共11个字母,每个字母1分)

II. 1.sweet 2.tomato 3.picture 4.desk(共4小题,每小题1分)

III.1-5 FFTFF (共5小题,每小题1分)

IV. 1-5 BBABA(共5小题,每小题1分)

V. 1-5 ABAAC 6-10 BCAAA (共10小题,每小题2分)

VI. CEDAB (共5小题,每小题2分)

VII. DBAFE (共5小题,每小题2分)

VIII. 略 (共3小题,每小题5分)


Ⅰ.听录音,找出你所听到的一组字母,并将序号填入题前括号内 。本题念2遍。

1.bca 2.WFG 3.qot 4.Jgq 5.EFT


1.singer 2. now 3. walk 4. where 5. sell things 6. fly kites

7. play the violin 8. story book


1.cleaner 2. artist 3. writer 4. actor 5. salesperson


Hello! Mingming! Hi! Zhang Peng. What does your father do? He is a policeman. How cool! Where does he work? He works in a police station. How does he go to work? He goes to work by car.


Hello! I’m Amy. I’m from the USA. My father teaches English. He is a teacher. Every day he goes to work by car. He likes writing. He is a writer too. My mother likes singing. She is a singer. She goes to work on foot. And I like painting, but I don’t want to be an artist. I’m going to be a TV reporter.

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