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a little mouse

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a little mouse

Long long ago,there was a little mouse.On a sunny

morning, the mouse rode a bike

to the park,he met a

big fatr cat.He was

very afraid of the

cat.So he rode his

bike away.However,his bike broke.He had to take a bus home.When he got home,he was

very hungry.He ate a bowl of noodles and drank a cup of milk.He broke the cap just after drinking the milk.So,he had to clean the floor. When he was

cleaning the floor,his grandma came.

He was very happy to see his grandma.His grandma cooked him a very deliciouis dinner.After dinner, they took a long walk in the park.

However,they saw a snake there and ran away at once.When they went back home,they

were very tired.They took a bath and then went to bed. 我的理解:

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