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六年级上 英语试卷

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班级_____________ 姓名_____________ 成绩 _____________

第一部分 听力理解(40分)

二、听对话,依据对话顺序将下列图片排序,用A,B,C …表示。短文读两遍。(10分)

11.( ) 12.( ) 13. ( ) 14.( ) 15.( )


( )16. _______ fixed the computer last weekend.

A. Tom B . Tom’s father C. Tom and his father

( ) 17. Jimmy _______ to the cinema.

A. walked B. took a taxi C. took a bus

( )18.Ron _______ last weekend.

A .went to a zoo B. went to a farm C. went to school

( ) 19. Jenny lost her _______ .

A .pet dog B .pet cat C .pet pig

( )20. Mike had _______ . He should have a rest.

A .a cold B. a toothache C. a headache,



第二部分 语言知识(30分)


A. hotel B. cooked C. taxi D. wash E. was F. train G. museum H. cinema I. went K. bus L. swam

公共场所 26.___________ 27.___________ 28._____________

交通工具 29. ____________ 30.______________ 31.____________

动词过去式 32.____________ 33._____________ 34.___________ 35.____________


A. clean the room B. wash clothes C. swim in the sea D. have dinner E. take a train F. visit a museum G.. hurt my hand

H. sleep well I. send a letter J. fix computer

36.( ) 37.( ) 38.( ) 39.( ) 40.( )

41.( ) 42.( ) 43.( ) 44.( ) 45.( )


( )46.---How did you get_____ the park last Sunday?

A. too B. to C. at

( )47.He was so busy yesterday. He ________ at 8:30 last night.

A. has dinner B. have dinner C. had dinner

( )48.Did Polly see a film last month? Yes, she_________.

A. did B. saw C. sees

( )49. ----What _______to your leg?

-----I______ off my bike.

A. happened ;fell B. happened; fall C. happen; fell

( )50.You’ve got a toothache. You should stop_______ too much candy.

A. eat B. eating C. to eat

( )51.I took a bus first then changed __________ the subway.

A. to B. into C. at

( )52.When _______ you arrive? Tomorrow afternoon.

A. are B. did C. will

( )53.Listen! A girl _____________

A. sings B. is singing C. sang

( )54.There _________ no bikes, cars, or buses many years ago..

A. are B. were

C. was


( )55.Did she ________ in the river last week?

A. swims B. swam C. swim

第三部分 综合运用(30分)

九、阅读理解。(15分 )

(一)根据短文内容选择最佳答案,将答案前的标号填写在括号内(10分 )

This is a special class. All the students in this class work on different things. The students are learning about plants and they are growing flowers in a greenhouse. Look! Some students are planting new trees. Other students are planting the bushes(灌木) outside of the greenhouse. The bushes are small now. The students also build a new greenhouse because the old one is not good. Nest week, their parents are going to visit the new greenhouse.

( )61. “This is a special class”.中的”special”意思为_________

A.普通的 B.特殊的 C. 有趣的 D. 枯燥的


( )62.The students are learning about_____________

A. jumping B. eating

C. planting D. swimming

( )63 Some students _________planting new trees.

A. is B. am

C. are D. be

( )64. The students build a new ____________.

A. greenhouse B. school

C. park D. library

( )65. Their __________are going to visit the new greenhouse.

A. neighbors B. parents

C .mother D. Father

(二)根据短文内容选择判断正确或者错误。正确T,错误F(5分 )

Nancy is reading an e-mail from her American friend Jack. She is very happy to get the e-mail. Jack writes about his school. Jack’s school is not very big but it’s beautiful. There are two buildings, two gardens and a playground. Their classrooms are big and clean. Jack likes his school very much. Jack doesn’t go to school at the weekends. He often gets up at six on Saturday and Sunday. He runs in the park for half an hour. Then he eats his breakfast. At eight, he begins to do his homework.. He has lunch with his family at home. In the afternoon, he helps his mother do housework. Sometimes he plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet. In the evening, he listens to music or reads books. He really has a good time at the weekend.

( )66.Jack is an American boy.

( ) 67.Jack’s school is big and beautiful.

( ) 68.Jack doesn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

( ) 69. He does his homework in the evening.

( ) 70. He often plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet.

十、 书面表达: (5分)


do homework, listen to the music, have English lessons, have PE lessons,

go to Beijing Zoo. play football, watch TV, last Sunday, go to a park

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